Weekly Wrap Up

I'm a day late on this post but man, I had a busy weekend! It was mostly fun stuff mixed with household chores and prepping for being out of town this week. I just made it safely to Sun Valley for work so I am going to keep this short.

Last week's highlights consist of spending lots of time with some pretty great people, both new and close, including some great dinners, games, and conversation. I am feeling a lot of gratitude this week. Did you ever just sit and reflect on your relationships? Family and friends? Work-related? With your animals? If not I encourage you to do so for a couple of minutes. Which relationships do you find a lot of strength?  Why do you think that is? Which relationships could you pay a little more attention to? I have been trying to practice this more in my life. I find it's easy to become complacent. I challenge you to find a way to consider your relationships from time to time. Hopefully if nothing else you can appreciate all you have and find a moment of contentment.

This Week's Work Outs:
Sunday:  YWA, walk the dogs,600m swim
Monday: YEAH, walk the dogs, 45min RPM
Tuesday: YWA, walk the dogs,  rest day
Wednesday: YWA, walk the dogs, rest day
Thursday: YWA, walk the dogs, 25min run
Friday: YWA, 600m swim
Saturday: YWA, walk the dogs,  45min RPM, 15min incline run

Here's one guy I am very grateful for, my little brother,  Dusty! 


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