Thursday's Un-Recipe: Bean Burrito!

This week's Un-Recipe is... a bean burrito! I am sure many people have made their fair share of bean burritos so I hope you can have fun witb this one! I find that whenever I am in a pinch, this un-recipe is always there to save me! So let's get to it!
Bean Burrito
I like to start with the tortilla. These days I am grabbing a brown rice tortilla to keep it Gluten free,  but grab whatever you like. If you are watching the calories, make sure you don't get the biggest one you see! Also, read the ingredients list. I found a spinach tortilla that, get this, did NOT have spinach in it! They used food dye to make it green! I mean, come on!
Next the beans! I like to have fat free refried beans on hand at all times, as well as black beans, both refried and non. Totally your preference.
And truly, that could be it! However I like to add a little salsa, some hot sauce, a little (or a lot) avocado, and some fresh cilantro if I have it handy. Again, make it your own!
Here's a suggested recipe:
1 tortilla*
1/2 c refried beans
1 TBSP salsa
1/2 avocado
1/4 c lettuce
Go ahead and load your tortilla with the beans and nuke it for 1:30. Pile the rest on.
*If you are feeling like a taco instead, use 2 corn tortillas in place of the flour tortilla. If you are feeling REALLY fancy, you could toast your tortillas for 10 min in a toaster oven or oven and make tostadas!
Get creative!


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