Celebrating Success

In January there are a lot of things I am proud to say I accomplished. I think it is important to celebrate success. Often it seems people are determined to reach their final goal and may not savor the journey it takes to get there. Also, if you all you focus on is the end goal, it might not feel like you have made any progress, which is likely to be untrue. Over the last 31 days, here are the things I am very proud of and am taking the time to pat myself on the back for:

  • I stuck to tracking all of my food using myfitnesspal. I wanted to aim to be around 1200 calories in and reaching my nutritional goals. There were a few days where it was a bit more than that but really only 1 day where I went over 1500 calories. Between tracking and staying near my goal, I think I did very well. 30/31=97%!
  • I did yoga EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! I am so proud of this. I made yoga a priority. Not only for my body (Hello flexibility and a stronger core!) but very much for my mind and spirit. I am carrying on doing yoga daily for February too and I am feeling great about my chances after this streak!
  • I started training for the YMCA Spring Sprint Triathlon. I have kept to my training schedule except for one missed swim workout due to a flare. Speaking of, I only had one day where I had a mild flare that kept me from being very active. YAY!
  • I lost 10 lbs as a result of all of the above!
  • I have made some good decisions towards my financial goals.
  • I have started to really weed through the clutter in my life, creating more space for joy and less stress.
  • I have worked on my close relationships to make them stronger.
  • I have made time to be mindful so I can appreciate all of the above.

What's next? Continue to keep up the good work and hopefully get my dogs for a walk every day as the weather starts to improve.

Happy February everyone! 


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