Weekly Wrap Up

Happy Sunday! I have been mulling over this idea of doing a weekly Sunday post to wrap up the week's thoughts. My posts are pretty sporadic, so this way there would be a pattern that you, as my avid readers ( right?!?) could come to expect. Then, in addition to the weekly post, if there is something super thrilling that deserves it's own post, I will gladly write that. 

Can you believe the first month of 2016 is nearly over? I cannot. As with my last post, I have been doing some pretty great things, and it continues to make me feel great! I have become a bit more lax about my window of eating but I am happy to say there have been negative results of it. I do feel better when my window of eating is smaller so I think I will try to keep with it when it makes sense. Some days I just need to eat when I have time and those days, I am going to choose food. Because, FOOD, right?

A topic I want to touch on lightly is the idea of pushing yourself versus nurturing yourself. I had a great chat with my friend yesterday on this topic and would to hear from others. I will give you an example so you have context. Over the last 2 years I have struggled with knowing when to push myself versus nurture myself, when it comes to arthritis and you name it: exercise, staying out with friends, walking the dog, taking a shower... anything to can potentially exhaust me. With exercise, for example, I have had many loved ones suggest I "take it easy" and stop running. I know this all comes out of LOVE and a desire for me to not be in pain. After I had heard this message from several people I started to listen to it. I thought, I need to nurture myself instead of push myself. Ever since I did that, I feel like I had lost part of my identity. I had lost all this weight, was chasing race dreams, and then that was gone. I gained 10 lbs, I lost my endurance and my strength. And this is what really matters. My arthritis got worse. So after doing a LOT of soul searching, I realized I just have to listen to me. I can take in all of the advice of love and concern, but ultimately I have to make decisions that make me happy and not worry about what others think. 

3 years ago at the YMCA Spring Sprint Triathlon

I am sure this topic can be applied to many other situations, this is just one example that I had to share. Anyone struggle with this?

Weekly Workout Breakdown:
Sunday: Yoga With Adriene (YWA), 5 laps at the pool
Monday: YWA, 45 min RPM class (spinning), walk the dogs
Tuesday: YWA, Rest Day, Walk the dogs
Wednesday: YWA, 20 min run with Kitty
Thursday: YWA, Rest day
Friday: YWA, Took a rest day due to flare
Saturday: YWA, 45 min RPM

Have a GREAT week everyone! 


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