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Weekly Wrap Up

Happy Sunday! Anyone else feeling the itch for Spring? Beginning of February it seems I start feeling ready for all the gray to be gone; I want to clean and wash away the grime of Winter! I try to chill out though because it's so much easier to do spring cleaning, when it's actually Spring! Then you can throw open the windows and get some fresh air circulating and watch the bright sun flood your house... So for now, I am just going to dream of those days to come...

I just got back from a short trip to the small town of McCall for the Winter Carnival, so I have to say I am beat so this post is short and sweet! I hope you all have a great week!

Weekly Workouts:
Sunday: YWA, Swam 400m, walked the dogs
Monday: YWA, RPM 45 minutes, walked the dogs
Tuesday: Rest day, YWA, walked the dogs
Wednesday: Rest day, YWA
Thursday: YWA, Ran 25 minutes on the treadmill
Friday: YWA, Swam 500m
Saturday, YWA, RPM 45 minutes

Thursday's Un-Recipe: Oatmeal!

One of the things I have come to REALLY appreciate with healthy eating is what I am coining "The Un-Recipe." What I mean by this is cooking or throwing together a meal that really does not require a detailed recipe. I do this ALL THE TIME because it is simple, it uses whole ingredients, and it tastes good! I do not care to over-complicate my food, because it just isn't necessary.
So to kick off this new series, I am going to talk breakfast, specifically oatmeal. I eat oatmeal at least 5 out 7 days a week. It has a ton of fiber, which helps keep you full while lowering your cholesterol. It's simple to make too. I get my organic oats from bulk at Winco, which makes it very inexpensive, and I usually cook it with water. If I am feeling decadent I may cook with soy milk. On the stove it only takes about 5 minutes to soften. That's it, guys. However, plain oatmeal is, well, plain. The best thing about oatmeal is you can add so many different things making it uber versa…

2016 Fitness Goals


YMCA Sprint Sprint Triathlon

Potato Run 10K

Front Trail Run

Fit One 1/2 Marathon (Fingers Crossed!)

Anyone want to join me for any of them?

Weekly Wrap Up

Happy Sunday! I have been mulling over this idea of doing a weekly Sunday post to wrap up the week's thoughts. My posts are pretty sporadic, so this way there would be a pattern that you, as my avid readers ( right?!?) could come to expect. Then, in addition to the weekly post, if there is something super thrilling that deserves it's own post, I will gladly write that. 

Can you believe the first month of 2016 is nearly over? I cannot. As with my last post, I have been doing some pretty great things, and it continues to make me feel great! I have become a bit more lax about my window of eating but I am happy to say there have been negative results of it. I do feel better when my window of eating is smaller so I think I will try to keep with it when it makes sense. Some days I just need to eat when I have time and those days, I am going to choose food. Because, FOOD, right?

A topic I want to touch on lightly is the idea of pushing yourself versus nurturing yourself. I had a great …

Go With What Works

11 days in to the new year and I am feeling better than I have felt in a long time... months, if not for over a year! I have done a LOT of experimenting with my daily activities, food, exercise, and any else I could think of that would influence my general well-being over the past nearly 2 years (as many of you know!) leading me to a lot of answers. The problem has been being consistent with those changes. I have to say that some of them have been tough to incorporate. New habits take time. Quite frankly, I have been too consumed with self-pity to want to do anything too drastic. However, I had a "come to Jesus" moment when I was considering some of my future life plans, like becoming a mom at some point. I have to be my best self in order to take care of another human, and that has led to a shift in my thinking which has helped get me out of my funk.

So what works for me?

1. Moving every day, specifically yoga and a walk. I have been aiming to do yoga first thing to help wake…

Looking Forward

In the past I have done a recap of the year to round out/begin the new year. This time around I thought to do things a bit different. Instead of reminiscing on the past, I am going to choose to look forward.

2015 was not as eventful as the previous year. I had some ups and downs for sure. What I am looking forward to in 2016 is being the best version of me. That's the only piece in the world I have any true control over, so when I am feeling lost or frustrated, it is important for me to bring it back to me. So in doing so, here are some things I want to focus on:

1. My mental well being. It all starts with your thoughts. Negativity is so limiting yet, so easy to be guilt of promoting in one's life. For this I plan to do some positive self-talk. Being kind to myself by cheering myself on rather than focusing on my flaws. 5 minutes  per day of positive affirmations and thinking of things I am grateful is one new thing I would like to incorporate in my life.

2. My physical well bein…