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Reminiscing on Racing

I was going through some old pictures today and found myself looking at all my racing related pictures. Looking at those, I remembered how much fun I had, getting caught up in the cheering and the whole vibe of those events. I also really liked the feeling of having a training schedule and that feeling of accomplishment having gotten those workouts done. I was determine and disciplined, and it felt great! Here are some of my favorite moments:
 After my solo trail race. This race I did on my own and it was the only trail race I have done. I LOVED this race and I really want to do it again! June 2014  Biking in the triathlon. This too I did solo and was the only triathlon I have ever done. I want to do another one! April 2013  Running after the biking portion of the triathlon.  Running the Fit For Life 10k. This was my HOTTEST race ever! I guess that's to be expected in July in Boise :) July 2014  The Fit One Half Marathon. This race was so fun because it was running through downtown and…