What to do when you don't feel well

This time last week I started to not feel too hot. It started with a bad sore throat. I ended up having an acupuncture appointment that day and she suggested putting some DoTERRA OnGuard oil in some water and drinking it to help the pain and keep the sickness at bay. I have several DoTERRA oils and have been increasing how often I use them, so I decided to try the oils out for this cold I felt coming. 

DoTERRA is a company that I discovered through my aunt. She sells the products and has been super passionate about them. I have been using them periodically over the last couple of years. It hasn't been until recently that I really have gotten more into using them. I feel like there is a learning curve with them. Which oil to use, where to apply/drink/inhale, which combinations to use... there are a lot of things to learn! 

So to help with this cold I felt coming on, I took the advice my acupuncturist gave and put a drop of OnGuard in some water and drank it. My sore throat felt better so I have continued to do it at least twice a day since. Two days later I started to get a cough. At this point I didn't do anything different. It wasn't until the next day when my sinuses started to hurt that I decided to go all in with the oils I knew would help. I kept up the OnGuard (gargling some and drinking) and added a drop of Breathe on my chest to help with the coughing. I also turned on the diffuser and added Breathe, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and OnGuard. Finally, I used my roll-on Deep Blue directly on my sinuses. I have to say, this combo helped just as well as any Dayquil or similar over-the-counter medicine has worked for me. I actually did pretty well with this until Sunday when I could feel this cold leading to an arthritis flare. Then I brought on the prescription anti-inflammatories along with some massage oil mixed with Birch, Eucalyptus, and Cypress that I rubbed on my major joints. I did end up having to stay home from work yesterday, mostly from the flare. Today I am feeling SO much better and I know I am heading back to feeling good. I am thinking it might last another day or two but I am pretty much over the hump.

I am super impressed with how well the oils managed my symptoms. I wouldn't say the oils work better than over-the-counter medication but it worked AS WELL and I didn't have to take the harsher medications. 

Also, I was able to get in some Yoga for When You Are Sick, from my very own bed, using my Smart TV and logging into YouTube. It felt so good and was super relaxing. It was nice to stretch but not overexert. I highly recommend. It was also nice to take the one day to do pretty much nothing! I binged on some Netflix and slept in-between. I am glad I took the day to take care of me. 

Last, but not least, I made Chickpea rice soup, since I had chickpeas and rice in the fridge from batch cooking. I added sage and thyme from our garden and it HIT. THE. SPOT! 

I hope those tips help for when you are feeling under the weather! Hopefully this winter will not bring too much sickness our way!


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