We Like Cats and Kale!

Happy September everyone! Anyone else ready for cooler temperatures and the end of fire season? I am, I am! So what have I been up to lately? Well, ya know, just taking pictures of kitties....
Dexter snuggling with his mama! Recently he got into some sort of fight (again!) and had a pretty big sore on his neck. Yesterday I cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide, water (to wash out his fur), applied DoTERRA's On Guard and a bit of neosporin. Today it looks so much better! It's smaller, smells better, and looks like it is healing nicely. I love blending modern medicine with eastern medicine. 

 Kitty surveying the neighborhood after a walk. I cannot believe how much energy this girl has for her age! Lots of fun for both of us. 
 Sheldon snuggling with his mom. How lucky am I?
 Vacuum-sealed kale ready for the freezer! We harvested the rest of our kale and now have some for the winter months. I planted some more lettuce last weekend and need to get some more Kale seeds. This is the first year we have done any fall planting and I think I see a new trend in our future...
 Nilly on the fence looking for squirrels
 Dex hanging out in the dry spot in our backyard
 My birthday present from my friend, Elyse! I can wear it every Caturday :)
Tyler's birthday present from his sister, Genevieve! I think people suspect we like cats....

And that's it for now.... random cat posts may need to become a thing! 


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