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What to do when you don't feel well

This time last week I started to not feel too hot. It started with a bad sore throat. I ended up having an acupuncture appointment that day and she suggested putting some DoTERRA OnGuard oil in some water and drinking it to help the pain and keep the sickness at bay. I have several DoTERRA oils and have been increasing how often I use them, so I decided to try the oils out for this cold I felt coming. 

DoTERRA is a company that I discovered through my aunt. She sells the products and has been super passionate about them. I have been using them periodically over the last couple of years. It hasn't been until recently that I really have gotten more into using them. I feel like there is a learning curve with them. Which oil to use, where to apply/drink/inhale, which combinations to use... there are a lot of things to learn! 

So to help with this cold I felt coming on, I took the advice my acupuncturist gave and put a drop of OnGuard in some water and drank it. My sore throat felt bette…

We Like Cats and Kale!

Happy September everyone! Anyone else ready for cooler temperatures and the end of fire season? I am, I am! So what have I been up to lately? Well, ya know, just taking pictures of kitties.... Dexter snuggling with his mama! Recently he got into some sort of fight (again!) and had a pretty big sore on his neck. Yesterday I cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide, water (to wash out his fur), applied DoTERRA's On Guard and a bit of neosporin. Today it looks so much better! It's smaller, smells better, and looks like it is healing nicely. I love blending modern medicine with eastern medicine. 
 Kitty surveying the neighborhood after a walk. I cannot believe how much energy this girl has for her age! Lots of fun for both of us.   Sheldon snuggling with his mom. How lucky am I?  Vacuum-sealed kale ready for the freezer! We harvested the rest of our kale and now have some for the winter months. I planted some more lettuce last weekend and need to get some more Kale seeds. This is the fi…