Garden Harvest!

Our garden is BURSTING with produce. Some of these pictures are from a couple of weeks ago so the plants are even bigger! Here's an update on all of our lovelies:

 Here we have Butternut Squash and Kobocha Squash. Up front is the Kobocha, which is Japanese for squash, and it is SO delicious! We have 10 squash so far and I cannot wait for them to be ready to pick!
 Red Raspberries. This is the first year for these guys so we have been happy with what we have been able to collect. Hopefully there is more next year! 
 Corn in the front and pumpkin in the back. The corn is bigger now but not by a lot. Hopefully they start growing bigger otherwise I am not sure what we are going to get. We have 2 sweet pumpkins growing now. I am looking forward to having some soup come fall. 
 Herbs for days and days and days! Mint, Oregano, Catnip, Sage, and Rhubarb. The garden box just keeps getting more robust each year. 
 Our lavender that the bees love! Between it and the mint this corner always spells so good when the wind blows. 
 Green beans and a blueberry tomato plant. These are much bigger now! Hopefully the tomatoes will be ready to harvest soon. 
 Golden cherry tomato plant on the right and a "volunteer" acorn squash on the left. These are much bigger now as we actually have harvested our first acorn squash already. 
 Sweet peppers
 Lettuce and Kale! We actually have harvested all of the lettuce and will be planting our seeds for fall harvest tomorrow. 
 Onions, radishes, and carrots all going to seed so we can have more for next year. 
 Habaneros, jalapenos, and big beef tomatoes. These are getting closer for harvest. 
 More herbs: rosemary, cilantro, chives, thyme, basil, and horseradish. We are going to dehydrate the herbs so we have some this winter. 
 Tyler's scorpion and ghost peppers. These babies will be HOT! Tyler is hoping to make rubs and salsa with these bad boys. 
 All of our garlic! SO much and very tasty. We took about half of it and dehydrated it to make garlic powder. 
 Green beans that we then pickled. Those will be ready to taste tomorrow! 
 Salsa Tyler made with tomatoes from our friend, Mike and peaches from our friend, Kaz. The habaneros are from our garden. Tyler won first in a local salsa competition for his Inferno salsa! 
The acorn squash that came up from the compost we laid down! Cannot wait to eat this bad boy.

And there you have it! It's only August and we still have a lot more sunshine to go before fall. Looking forward to a big harvest and LOTS of canning and pickling! 


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