Reflection on My Twenties

Today is my 30th birthday and I am truly grateful for the past 30 years and am so excited about what my future holds! I thought it might be fun to reminisce over the last 10 years so I will get right to it!

2005-2006: Turning 20 started off with me living by myself, for the very first time, in a studio apartment in downtown Boise. I guess I wasn't truly living alone as I had my cat, Piper with me. I was starting my second semester or Nursing school, the beginning of my junior year of college at Boise State and I was working at Washington Mutual as a teller. I was spending time with friends, spending time at my parents doing laundry and going on date nights with them (remember White Noise?) and sort of dating. In October I began dating Andy, in November I left WaMu and started working as a CNA as a nursing home, desperately hoping for a job at St. Luke's. In January my dream came true and I became a Nurse Apprentice on 6 East at St. Luke's. That spring I worked, started clinicals in nursing school and enjoyed living downtown in my studio apartment.

 With Alison at my grandpa's 75th birthday party
Heading out to a LifeHouse concert with some girlfriends

2006-2007: The summer I turned 21! This year of my birth started off with a trip to Vegas! This was such an amazingly fun trip and year! So much happened! After Vegas, Jessica and I moved back in together, this time really close to Boise State. We were finishing our senior year, both to graduate in the spring. Jessica got engaged so she was in the throws of planning her wedding. I was freaking out over taking my nursing boards and being a bridesmaid in 3 weddings. Andy and I broke up and got back together. There were lots of weekends involving heading downtown. I got my nose pierced. Alison and I went on a cruise to the Caribbean. Jessica and I went to Victoria to celebrate our graduation. I became a NURSE! 

 My 21st birthday!
Graduation day! Jessica and I drank mimosas as we walked along the greenbelt to graduation

2007-2008: That summer I moved in with my parents to save money while I went on a leave of absence from work to study for my boards and be a bridesmaid in my two best friends' weddings. I went with my parents to California to visit my grandparents. Then we met up with Dusty, Jeff, and Andy at the airport and shortly my uncle Kelly to celebrate Dusty turning 21 in, yep, you guessed it, VEGAS! Andy and I took a trip to the Oregon Coast after Jessica and Ryan's wedding. I started work as a RN and continued to go to school to get my bachelor degree. I moved in with Andy in January and worked evening shift so he and I could see each other. 

Jessica's bridal shower

2008-2009: That summer I worked and played. I was so close to graduation! That fall Andy and I broke up, we had some rough times within my immediate family, and then I graduated with my bachelor's degree! That spring brought lots of work and saving my money so I would head to Europe that summer with my friend, Carey! 
Me in front of Westminster Abbey in London, England
Me with a cat I found in Amsterdam, Netherlands
 In front of the Moulin Rouge in Paris, France
 Barcelona, Spain in front of a monument of Cristofer Columbus
 Carey and I watching some Salsa dancing in Barcelona
2009-2010: After getting back from Europe I was ready to start "settling down" which to me meant looking to buy a house. I started working with a realtor and shortly after Thanksgiving, I was moving into my very own home! I was dating, nothing serious, spending time with my family, who helped me SO much with moving and cleaning up my new house. I also applied for a new job, the unit based educator for my floor, and got the job! I started studying for my first certification, in Bariatric nursing, and passed the exam, I also started the beer tour at Old Chicago and finished it on my 25th birthday. This year started my love affair with beer :) I died my hair nearly blonde, started work on my peacock tattoo, and got multiple ear piercings, pierced my back and got a dermal anchor in my chest. I grew up yet still had a lot of "wild" stuff I had to do.

 Surprise House Warming Party!!!
 I got to meet Smokey Bear
Delicious beer at Old Chicago

2010-2011: One week after I turned 25 Tyler Evans came back into my life. That summer I fell in love with my now husband. I was a bridesmaid again, this time for my wonderful friend, Kelsey. That fall Tyler and I continued to get close and he moved in that December. We had a New Year's party where our mutual friend, Carl, and Alison met and then fell in love. That spring Tyler started working for Kaz and Ty. I went to Tennessee for a work conference and studied my butt off for my second certification, this time in Med Surg nursing. That summer I went to Flathead for the first time. My cousin Addison was born that spring. 
 Tyler's 26th birthday party where we were pimps and hos
 My 25th birthday party with my parents and brother
 Kelsey and me at her bachelorette party
 Grandpa's 80th birthday
 My uncle Curtis' wedding
 My first picture with Addison
 Amber, Addi and me
Tyler and me at Flathead Lake

2011-2012: I started working on my weight and fitness by joining Weight Watchers with my mom in October. I applied to graduate school and started the summer of 2012. I started running and finished my first 5K that I ran the whole the thing. I left 6E and joined the education department as a system educator.  I was a bridesmaid in another wedding, this time for my friend Carey. I went to Flathead Lake again for the 4th of July. 

 The Great Idaho Potato 5k
 My 26th birthday was Hawaii themed. Taken with my brother and sister
 Kayla and I danced with Carey at her wedding
 We found trivia at Brewforia and great friends in the Gables
 Family Christmas photos started as a tradition
 We took a trip to Tuscon with Tyler's family for New Year's
 Flathead Lake for the 4th

Doing a push up at Table Rock

I worked on my master's degree. I became an aunt! My dad celebrated his 50th birthday! Piper never came home, as of May 5, 2012. On December 12th Tyler brought Sheldon into my life. I completed my first triathlon! Tyler and I got ENGAGED!

 Bella's baby shower
 Dusty and I in California for Ron's 50th
 Danyel and I finished out 1st 10k
 My 27th birthday dinner with my family
 I am an auntie!
 Our brewery trip to Oregon!
 Our first Dirty Dash!
 Our kitty cats
Flathead shortly after we got engaged


I ran my first half marathon on a trip to Disneyland with my family. I graduated with my master's degree in nursing education. Kaz and Shelley had a baby. Jessica and Ryan had a baby. Kelly and Julia had a baby. Kayla and Jason had a baby. I was a bridesmaid again, this time for my sister, September. We went to Belize! We went to Glacier!

 Tinkerbell Race!
 Meeting Brynn for the first time
 Yay! I graduated with my master's degree!
 Our trip to Belize!
 Flathead Brewing the day before we headed to Glacier

My beautiful sister on her wedding day

2014-2015: This past year has been a whirlwind of amazing things! Shortly after I turned 29 I got to spend so much time with all of those I love the most. Big life events have a way of bringing those you love close to you, which has made the past year so much fun and meaningful. Last fall Tyler and I got married! We went to the Dominican Republic for our honeymoon. I got to celebrate my best friend's 30th birthday with her in Vancouver/Portland. We saw family in Montana, Washington, and Utah. 
 On our honeymoon

 Going on a hot air balloon for my 29th birthday
 My bachelorette party
 All of the women in my family are gorgeous
 We ran our second half marathon! 
 My friends at my bachelorette party
 My husband!
My mom and me after Dirty Dash

I am very excited to see what the next decade will bring. My 20s were SO fun and so MUCH happened! I learned a lot (hello! I got 3 degrees!), grew up a lot, and started an adult life full of adventure!
 I am 30 and proud! 


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