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Reflection on My Twenties

Today is my 30th birthday and I am truly grateful for the past 30 years and am so excited about what my future holds! I thought it might be fun to reminisce over the last 10 years so I will get right to it!

2005-2006: Turning 20 started off with me living by myself, for the very first time, in a studio apartment in downtown Boise. I guess I wasn't truly living alone as I had my cat, Piper with me. I was starting my second semester or Nursing school, the beginning of my junior year of college at Boise State and I was working at Washington Mutual as a teller. I was spending time with friends, spending time at my parents doing laundry and going on date nights with them (remember White Noise?) and sort of dating. In October I began dating Andy, in November I left WaMu and started working as a CNA as a nursing home, desperately hoping for a job at St. Luke's. In January my dream came true and I became a Nurse Apprentice on 6 East at St. Luke's. That spring I worked, started cli…