Own It

Hi again! It's been a bit and I am really excited to get a post out there! Things around our animal kingdom have been busy! In the past month I have been to Utah (to celebrate my cousin's wedding!), Washington twice (for a nurse educator conference and to visit Tyler's cousin and his 2 daughters), and spent a day in Jerome (for work), Idaho so yeah, it's been a busy month! Tyler transitioned from a brewer at Edge Brewing to now a head brewer at Powderhaus Brewery! Here's an update via photos:

 Tyler smoked Caine, Drea, and me at Settlers of Catan
 New cat shelves and new floors!
 Bella driving us to Utah
 The girl cousins celebrating Megan's big day!
Tyler's fire he built to celebrate our friend, Rex's birthday

In between jobs he took out all of the carpet in our living room and hallways and laid wood floors. No only that, he has found a new hobby of re-articulating animal skeletons... yep, this guy is fascinating! Here is the first project he ever did:

*Disclaimer: Tyler got the cat from a veterinarian friend who put the stray cat down due to age. No animals have been harmed to provide decor in our home. 

We also celebrated Mother's Day, have not only planted more flowers and plants in the garden but have also started harvesting already, and spent time with friends and family playing horseshoes with the new horseshoe pit Tyler built! 

So moving on to something I have been thinking a lot about lately and something Tyler and I have discussed quite a bit, which is this idea of "owning it" and not being apologetic or humble all of the time. No, this does not mean "become a cocky bastard" but honestly not celebrating yourself and your achievements is well, sad. At first I titled this post "I am not going to apologize" but realized it had a negative context. Instead I encourage you to own it. Here's what I mean:

1. Give yourself credit. You have so many great attributes, acknowledge that. When I was single (hell even now I still tell Tyler) I would say "I am a catch" and I freaking meant it! I am intelligent, kind, fun, and I have nice skin, pretty hair, and an hourglass figure. Yes I have plenty of days where I am self-conscious and wish my body was different or that I hadn't said this or that, but really, there is a whole lot to love about me. Just as I know there is a lot to love about YOU! 

2. Take care of YOU. In order to be a caregiver or a friend, you have to take care of yourself. It's just like the flight attendants say, "Place your mask first before assisting others". So what do YOU need to be well rested? To feel good? To feel restored? Take the time to do that. Regularly. I have lost a routine with moving my body everyday and it makes me feel like crap and makes me sulk and eat foods that don't make me feel good and you know what, going for a walk will always make you feel better than binge watching even the funniest of TV shows. Get a massage, take a bath. Go golfing, play board games with friends (just not Tyler because he will beat you and you will feel shame! haha), just do whatever makes you feel good! Taking care of yourself is NOT selfish.
3. Be yourself. Image result for be yourself Enough said.

4. Celebrate your accomplishments. This is one that I feel really strongly about. Throw your own graduation party. Throw your own birthday party. Buy yourself a gift to celebrate you achieving your goals or the fact that you made it one more year on this Earth. Do not expect others to celebrate you. Do not think you are conceded to throw yourself your own party. This goes back to #1: Give yourself credit for your awesomeness. 

Sometimes when we have a difference of opinion or we say no in order to take time for ourselves, we feel guilty. It's okay say no. It's okay to have a different opinion. As long as you express that in a respectful way, you should never feel guilty for being and taking care of you.

Have a lovely weekend! 


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