"Yes Please"

I just got done listening to the audio book, "Yes Please" by Amy Poehler, and I have to say, it was a FANTASTIC book! I wouldn't call myself a huge Amy Poehler fan but I do like "Parks & Recreation" and have enjoyed her on SNL when she was a cast member. I like the cult classic, "Wet, Hot, American Summer" which is one of her first movies. I thought "Baby Mama" was just okay and that's about all of her work that I know. So, when searching for a book, hers somehow stood out to me. I was looking for an easy listen, that would hopefully make me smile or laugh and just feel good

Her book was exactly that for me. It was light-hearted, yet heartwarming, funny, endearing (my eyes welled up a couple of times), thought-provoking, and just plain ol' goooood. I listened to it all week while in my car and at home while I made dinner or sipped some tea. 

What I loved was how random it was. She talked about her career, poetry, her family, growing up outside Boston, being a celebrity, the up rise of the machine, and finally, some advice. She advises to be kind. Kind to other buts most importantly, kind to yourself. She is gracious and honest and even though I think my life is vastly different, I could relate because she was real.  There of course was not story line or plot because it was essentially her memoirs. She include some songs and some poems that were cute and short. Other celebrities read sections of her book. It was just fun.  

If you like to listen to audio books and you like to laugh, I highly recommend it. You can just read it too of course but I am glad I got the audio version because it was a lot more fun that way. 

Read any good books lately? 


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