The End of the Elimination Diet

I am happy to say the elimination diet is OVER! It was definitely a learning experience and I am so glad that I did it. I was tired of hearing advice from others and reading things that contradicted one another so now I can say that I truly know which foods effect me. I know there is still a lot to learn in terms of moderation but for the most part, I am feeling pretty good about everything. To sum up, these are the foods that effected me in some way:
Soy: night sweats. I still want to explore these foods because I wonder if less processed versions of soy, or small amounts, or in moderation, might be okay.
Gluten/Wheat: inflammation
Corn: indigestion. I also want to try just eating the plant, corn, versus corn products (tortillas, popcorn)
Nightshades: inflammation. I also want to try having just one nightshade in a day and see how I do.
Beans: no effects (except yumminess!)
Citrus: no effects
Seeds: no effects
Fermented foods: no effect
Alcohol (from wine and beer): inflammation

And that's it! Today I spent all afternoon preparing foods for the coming week, including, brown rice, sweet potatoes, lentil burgers, almond dulse crackers, faux cheese, cooked some beans, and made some sweet potato black bean brownies. All delicious! 

Tyler and I spent quite a bit of time yesterday doing yard work. Everything is starting to look so pretty! The gardens have been cleared of leaves and weeds and Tyler put some compost in the garden beds so they are ready for planting. He needs to run the rototiller through yet but we are getting things going. We have more seeds to plant and sprinklers to work on and a myriad of other things but I am very happy with what we accomplished this weekend. 

So what's my next adventure? Now that I am done with the elimination diet, I want to focus on gaining some strength back and getting into a fitness routine. I've started by having hiking dates twice a week, once with my cousin and once with my parents. I have been trying to get into a rhythm of walking Kitty and doing yoga for at least 10 minutes each. I am going to set a goal for the month of April to help me stay focused. 

For now, I am going to get ready to go to my sister's for a Barbecue! 


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