So much has happened since my last post, for example, the seasons have changed and it is SPRING! I love when seasons change because I always feel ready for the differences they bring. I feel fortunate to live in a state where we get to see all 4 seasons, and they truly last about 3 months. So what have we been doing to welcome the change?
The trees are flowering all around town!

Well, first off my in-laws came into town this past week through the weekend and we enjoyed turning on the grill for the first time this year! We enjoyed some salmon and grilled veggies one night, and some pork chops another night (I enjoyed my veggies). We also sat on the patio a few different times as well as pulled the Adirondack chairs onto the grass to get a good dose of Vitamin D. We went to Bodovino on Sunday where I enjoyed my first sip of alcohol in 7 weeks. I hadn't missed it a ton but it was nice to enjoy some delicious wine. All in all, it was a fun weekend full of good conversation and good food. Thanks Daniel and Cynthia for visiting with us!

Also, Tyler, with the help of Cynthia and I, made the coolest gift for our cousin, Addison, who turned 4 on March 19th. I cannot believe this little girl is 4 already! She is so much fun with all of the adorably clever things she says, her funny facial expressions, and her outgoing personality that includes being a total ham for the camera! I love this little girl and am so glad she enjoyed her present!

 A treasure map I drew on some old leather (we had from when Tyler did remodeling)
 The shield and sword drying that Tyler made
 Cynthia drew this stencil for the shield and box. Anyone know what it's from?
 Tyler screwing on the strap for Addison to put her arm through in order to hold the shield (made from an old belt)
 Everything all together! We got her a bandanna too and everything fits in the "treasure chest" Tyler made
 The sweet birthday girl in her new chair, courtesy of her cousins, Danyel and Joel
 Our little pirate, whose initials spell "ARG!" 

We had a lot of fun working on her present. Tyler is a genius and I am always amazed at what he thinks up and can put together. He did it all in a couple of hours before her party. Too fun!

Quickly, I wanted to give an update on the elimination diet. I tried fermented foods Thursday and did not notice a single change in my body. Yay! Then I tried wine on Sunday and unfortunately, about 3 hours after I started drinking the wine, my fingers started to swell. About an hour after that my whole body started to ache and my stomach hurt really bad. I had about 3 glasses of wine total over those 3 hours. The next morning my hands and feet hurt pretty bad but the swelling had gone down. My hips also hurt all day yesterday, which I am not sure if it was due to hiking or not but I haven't had much hip pain in the past week, just sacrum pain. Today I feel back to normal. 

So this week I am treating as sort of a hybrid week. I have tested all foods that could cause problems so I am gradually bringing those back into my diet that proved to go well. I will not have any foods that caused me discomfort. I am going to try hard alcohol (a mixed drink) tomorrow night and beer on Saturday, just to see how they might differ from wine. Finally, next week I will off the elimination diet and will be making food choices that are the best for me.

Workout updates:
Mon: rest
Tues: rest
Wed: rest
Thurs: walked dog, hiked 45 minutes, yoga
Fri: walked dog, body pump, yoga
Sat: walked dog, yoga, spinning
Sun: hiked 60 min with dog, yoga
Monday: walked dog, 30 min swimming
Tuesday: walked dog, yoga

I am trying to walk Kitty and do yoga for at least 10 min each per day at a minimum. I will write more on this later. 

I saw two articles yesterday I wanted to share: 

One from the NY Times on Medicating Womens' feelings

One on Brutally Honest Body Image by Greatist

Both I thought were really interesting and thought others might enjoy. What are your thoughts?



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