Dog treats, seeds and nuts

Happy International Women's Day! I have to say that I think it is really odd that women have their own day. Don't get my wrong, I am very proud to be a woman but does that mean every other day is International Men's Day? Because that's bullsh*t. Shouldn't everyday be International "Human" day where we all love and respect each other, appreciating all of the our differences and how they contribute to the world as a whole? Just a thought I had while driving home from the grocery store with Tyler. Something to ponder on your Sunday :)

Anyway, Dog Treats. I have pinned several different recipes on Pinterest but have not actually made any. Tyler had some chicken skin and some left over veggie mix from his meal plans so he decided to mix it all together, add flour and oats, and made dog treats. I do not have specific quantities because he used what he had and then I helped him eyeball the dry goods for consistency (it helps having him be the cook and I am the baker). He laid them out like cookies and then baked them for 30 min, flipped them over, and baked them again for 30 min. After he cooked them, he put them in the dehydrator for a day so they could be left out at room temperature and not go bad since they have chicken in them. 

They turned out pretty well! Kitty tasted them and really likes them. They are a nice treat for the middle of the day for her. Tyler made another batch with some leftover turkey. This time he flattened out the dough on baking sheets and then cut it with a pizza dough cutter so they turned out more like big Triscuits. I would say we are set for awhile because we now have several dozen. Tyler shared with Kerry, his coworker, but I don't see my friends who have dogs regularly. If you want some, let me know!


Yesterday I introduced seeds and nuts. Besides, beans, this is what I have been missing the most! I had hemp seeds with my morning smoothie, a handful of walnuts as a snack, and a spoon full of peanut butter as another snack. I also had quinoa mixed with brown rice at dinner. Yesterday and today I feel the same, no changes that I can report. Sleep was the same, energy level is the same, digestion is the same, no joint pain or swelling that is different. 

I realized that tomorrow it will be 5 weeks since I started the elimination diet, with 3 more weeks to go, making it a total of 8 weeks. I officially will be done March 30th, so March 29th will be reserved for meal planning (including tracking my foods again). I also would like to get back into a routine with activity so that will be my plan for April. February and March were literally dedicated to finding the foods that make me feel my best so I am feeling ready to lose the 10 lbs I have gained since the wedding and get back into consistently working out. And in case you were wondering, I have not lost any weight being on the elimination diet. I have stayed exactly the same. I was sort of hoping that my 10 lbs will melt off but apparently they were not put on by a particular food or food group. It was probably the changes I have made in regards to activity, due to my change in health. There was a lot of hibernating this winter so my mind AND body (and let's face it, my spirit too) cannot wait for Spring. This weekend has been gorgeous too so here's hoping it stays this way!

I am feeling really proud of myself to have been so dedicated to my mission for finding what makes me feel my best. I am actually really looking forward to being off all of my meds within the next year  (except my inhaler and supplements). It's funny but nurses and doctors really do make the worst patients (at least from my personal experience and some others I know). For me, I am not a person who wants to take medications for the rest of my life, especially if there is something in my power I can change that prevents the need for that medication. I also enjoy research so whether it's reading the latest journals or performing experiments on myself, well, I figure the more knowledge I have the better choices I will make (or at least if I choose something bad, I know the consequences). I always have a choice. 

I have had people ask me, what are you eating since there are so many things you cannot eat? Well, here is a sample of what I eat on the elimination days:

Breakfast: buckwheat groats with cinnamon and water that I cook on the stove. I usually add berries or a banana or this morning for example, I added some canned pumpkin, pumpkin spice, vanilla (from DR that is SO good!), and molasses. I generally will have a green smoothie with that.

Lunch: a big green salad with cucumber, carrots, tuna/salmon/sardines and half an avocado. 

Snack: an apple or pear, raisins. 

Dinner I have steamed veggies (like asparagus, Brussels sprouts, broccoli), brown rice, and sardines/tuna/salmon and half an avocado.

This is a typical dinner/lunch. Brown rice, steam veggies (Brussels sprouts, asparagus spears, cauliflower and broccoli, with half a can of sardines on top (brisline, marinated in olive oil). Of course Tapatio and salt and pepper too. I was out of avocado otherwise I would have thrown that on there.

I love putting Tapatio, Himalayan pink salt, and ground black pepper on my lunch and dinner plates. I drink tea and water throughout the day. Tea bags: Yogi Tea: peppermint and joint protection blend. I also like Nettle Leaf tea. Anything herbal has been my jam lately. For loose leaf I have some rooibos from Teavana that I like and Tyler got me some from Cost Plus: World Market that aids in digestion. I love tea because it tastes good so it's a change from just drinking water, plus it's warm so my hands are happy: perfect combo!

Next up is barley and cous cous on Tuesday to see if the reaction I had with wheat was to wheat itself, or gluten. Enjoy your Sunday everyone! 


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