The Re-Introduction Phase

I am really excited that I get to start re-introducing certain foods back into my diet! The last 3 weeks were definitely educational. The first week I truly felt awful. Detoxing sucks SO bad. After about 5 days though I started to feel really good. My head stopped hurting, digestion went back to normal, no bloating, I slept well; the only thing I have not liked is how EXHAUSTED I am by about 7pm. That may be the PsA though, not the diet. I have not had a ton of energy to work out on top of working all day but I have managed to get in a few.

The second week I discovered I was really missing sugar. Since I can't have any I gorged on raisins a couple of times. And I ate more dates than I normally do. This past week though, I have been missing legumes! I crave chickpeas and lentils! Weird how the body works, huh?

So aside from having vinegar once, and green peas in my smoothies, I have done pretty well! Oh I did have sparkling cider on Valentine's Day after our couples' massage. Otherwise I followed the diet to a "T". 

Today I decided to re-introduce soy. I don't eat a ton of it but I do like edamame and tofu is a nice option sometimes and soy milk is in my alternative milk rotation (along with almond and rice milk). I ate the same breakfast I have had for the past 3 weeks but for lunch, I added 1/4 cup of shelled edamame and about 2 tbsp soy sauce to my salad of romaine, shredded carrots and brown rice. I did not even think about the fact that soy sauce has wheat in it until after I poured it in my salad! Grr! So I am going to have some tofu with dinner and then see how I am for the next 2 days. The only thing I am worried about though is if I have a change in how I am feeling, I won't truly know if it is soy or wheat. So, on Thursday I am going to re-introduce wheat and gluten, meaning Thursday-Saturday I will see how it makes me feel. If I feel a difference I will know that I have a sensitivity to wheat and gluten but I will not be sure if I also had a reaction to soy, since I messed up today. So I might have to re-introduce soy by itself on Sunday to be completely sure. Ugh, always read labels people BEFORE you add the product to your meal! Anyway, after these I will re-introduce corn, legumes, nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant), citrus, and fermented foods (vinegar-type foods). Then I will reintroduce caffeine in the form of chocolate. I really like coffee and caffeinated tea (because of the taste) so I am not sure how I feel about re-introducing them or not. Then I am going to re-introduce alcohol. Since alcohol can be comprised of potatoes, wheat, gluten, corn, and they are all fermented, I think I better go with the whole food first, see how it effects me, then try alcohol. Caffeine and alcohol are both obviously not necessary in one's diet but they come in forms of liquids that taste delicious! So, we'll see on whether I actually consume them regularly or not.

With being able to re-introduce a new thing 3x/week, this is going to take me about 3 weeks to finish the re-introduction phase. I have to say I am really excited about being through the whole process though because then I can say, for me, what foods effect me the most. I have read SO MUCH about typical foods than cause inflammation but there are so many things that contradict one another. Wouldn't it be great if I just read one book and it worked for me? But alas, NO ONE DIET FITS EVERYONE! For me, I respond well to no land animal meat or dairy in my diet. I have not actually followed up recently with a cholesterol test so I am curious to see if the fish I have re-introduced has made an impact. I will plan on getting that tested the next time I see my doctor. 

6 weeks is sort of a long time to live on buckwheat, brown rice, all the vegetables(except nightshades), all fruit (except citrus), and fish (salmon and tuna), but to be able to know without a doubt which foods I either do not tolerate or have a sensitivity too, I feel like I can officially say with confidence what the best diet is for ME. Then if I choose to eat or drink the substance that is an irritant, then I know what the consequences will be. I will just have to decide whether or not the substance is worth the consequences. Fortunately I know that I do not have food allergies as I have no allergic responses, i.e. rash, hives, weight gain or weight loss, nutritional deficiencies, or anaphylactic responses. 

I will keep you posted on how I respond to spy. Have a great week everyone! 


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