Starting the Elimination Diet

Today marks the start of the Elimination Diet. I originally wrote about it a few posts back to give you all an idea about what it entails,  which you can read about here. In effort to document everything,  as you would with a research project,  I am going to start with all the symptoms I have that may be as a result of a food allergy or sensitivity:
Night Sweats (I had them again last night after not having them for a week while we were on our honeymoon so something I did yesterday is definitely causing it. Either beans, corn, or maybe it's just our sheets??? They are just cotton though and the heater is off with the window open)
General stomach upset
Fowl smelling gas
Joint pain
Joint swelling
Difficulty sleeping

I think that is all. I plan to continue to post updates as I go along so hopefully I can get to the bottom of this. Wish me luck!


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