One week of the Elimination Diet plus my niece, Bella, visits

It's now been 8 days that I have been doing this Elimination diet (the why can be found here and the details of the diet can be found here). So far, I think things are going pretty well. Aside from eating some peas and a few times in my green smoothies last week and putting a little balsamic vinegar on a salad on the first day, I have followed it well. The first 4-5 days I had a constant headache, which I think is from detoxing. 3 days in I had a really bad flair (which I think is due to traveling and coming back to cold weather) and I felt really miserable. I had chills, fever, and I was SO fatigued and had general malaise. It was awful! But Thursday morning I woke up feeling pretty refreshed. I have been getting really exhausted by about 930 pm every night, but I am not sure if that's the arthritis or the diet or just me, who knows?

I do miss some things like bread, popcorn, chocolate and nut butters... those are things that I generally had in my diet. I have another 2 weeks and then I will start re-introducing those items. Truthfully, the diet has not been too far of a stretch from my norm, I just really focus more on veggies, which is what we all should do anyhow. I would combine veggies with nuts or rice or bread and truly, the greens should be the star of the show with everything else just complimenting it. It's so easy to put a big cup of rice in a bowl and top it with some veggies and then an avocado or a bunch of nuts ,when those should be accents to the greens. I have been putting the rice, brussels sprouts and avocado over a bed of lettuce, which is helping up the green factor (and the fullness factor).

Tyler and I have also been incorporating a bit more exercise into our lives. Between doing some strength training and walking Kitty, that has kept us more active. On top of that I have been doing spinning at least once a week and then trying to incorporate Body Flow (tai chi, Pilates, and yoga blended) at least once a week and then walking/hiking/running on the treadmill or outside depending on weather. So truly, just a nice blend so I am staying active. Daylight savings is 8 months this year! From March 8th to Nov 1, so I am going to try to get in morning walk/runs with Kitty since the sun should be out earlier than 8 am. I think that will help my joints feel less stiff throughout the rest of the day. I find I have to stand often too otherwise my legs hurt quite a bit from sitting too long. All just ways of adjusting.

So, more to come on the diet and how it's making me feel.

In other news, Bella and I spent a wonderful today together this past Sunday! It started with feeding the chickens and eating lunch, then a nap, then a long walk in the stroller with a stop to try to see the horse nearby (who was not wanting to visit with us) and a stop at the park! We spent a long time there. She is so friendly with other adults and kids. I was so surprised. Everyone commented on her carrot (I had one for the horse and so she wanted to eat it) saying she was so healthy. I get so much pride in feeding that girl healthy foods. And she loves them! Then we came home and worked on a Valentine's gift for her parents and grandparents. I will explain it later. I have yet to give it to the grandparents (my parents) so I will show you after Valentine's.

Bella was so helpful in feeding and watering the chickens! 


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