Next up: Adding in Gluten and Wheat

To start, I will finish my update on soy. The night after I ate it, I did have a night sweat. I don't think there were any other negative effects that I am aware of. My skin looks the same, my digestive system appears the same, no headaches... I was pretty grumpy and anxious Monday afternoon but I also felt sort of similar on Sunday too... just sort of off. Monday was worse than Sunday but I am not really sure if it's anything I can relate to soy. I can say that I have not felt that way since Monday so, maybe there's a connection. Anyway, I do think that I am going to try to steer clear of soy for the most part. I think if I were to have edamame or tofu or tempeh when I went out to eat or something it would be okay, but I just know I might have a night sweat that night, so ya know, I need to accept the consequences. The past 3 1/2 weeks I have enjoyed rice milk instead of soy milk so I think I will continue to choose that as my alternative milk (as well as keep almond milk in the mix). Otherwise, I am really hoping that nuts and beans will not be problematic for me because I do want to make sure I vary my food enough to get adequate protein. So, that's where I am at with soy.

Today, I am choosing to add wheat and gluten to my meals. For breakfast I had some sourdough bread, which has both wheat and yeast in it. I read that if sourdough is made traditionally (without yeast and is allowed to rise on its own over night) then it does not have as much gluten as the commercially prepared sourdough. The one I ate is commercially prepared so I do expect it to do the same thing regular bread would. Anyway, I think I will have some whole wheat pasta with dinner tonight as well as see how I feel today through Saturday. 

In other news, there have been a few things that I wanted to share with you all! On Monday, when I was grumpy and trying to find a youtube yoga video, I found Yoga with Adriene which is a site where a woman named Adriene records various yoga sequences that are free on her site as well as on youtube. I find her personality to be very endearing and easy to relate to. I have started with her "30 days of yoga" and so far I find it to be a nice balance of meditation, relaxation, stretching, and strength. It's really what I need coming from a background of doing hot yoga for 3 years, which is pretty intense. I loved hot yoga (and still do!) but I found myself being competitive with myself and also, with the changes my body has gone through, I am just not sure it can get through a 80 minute class right now. So these 30 minute flows have been really great for me to gradually get back into it.I find that she really helps me "listen to my body" which is so important for me right now. Her motto is "Find What Feels Good" and for me, that is exactly what I need.

Also, I picked up a book at Barnes and Noble the other day (thanks mom for the gift card!) called "Yum Universe" by Heather Crosby. I found out about her site via Angela Liddon from the blog, "Oh She Glows" and started to read her blog and drool over her recipes. I decided to get the book because she is plant-based but also does not include gluten any of her recipes. I thought her book might help inspire me to COOK! I have been missing inspiration lately and after reading a bit, I fell in love with her simple approach to healthier living. She encourages people to start where they are. Make small changes. She talks about giving more power to our goals than our immediate desires, which resonated with me. I know that eating healthy, exercising, not drinking alcohol, are all things that make me feel good. However, there are times when in the moment I want to drink just like everyone else does. I want to eat fried foods too. And truthfully, I can. I can really do whatever I want. But unfortunately when I make those choices, it not only makes me literally feel miserable internally and externally, I also feel a huge amount of guilt because it does not help me to feel good about myself. I like being able to look in the mirror and love myself. I like fitting into my clothes. 50 lbs ago I did not love myself. I am not saying that you can only love yourself if you are a certain size because that is NOT true at all. People should love themselves at any stage in their lives but I know that when I was at my heaviest, I had no connection to my body. I ate whatever, drank whatever, and in general, did not respect my body enough to listen to its cries for help. It came in the way of constipation, acid-reflux, skin blemishes, stretch marks, fatigue, mood swings, and other various ways that I am sure I didn't even recognize. This book helped me to recognize all of that and sort of think about my relationship with food for both my mind and body. Once I am done with the elimination diet, I am excited to try out some of her recipes!


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