Days 3, 4, & 5

To keep the journaling going,  Day 3 was awful! I think between a flair and detoxing, my body was no feeling well at all! Low grade fever,  chills, body aches, and exhaustion. I had some peas in my smoothie again but otherwise followed the diet perfectly. I walked 1 mile with Kitty and Tyler. Still the same results with the bathroom.

Day 4 I felt much better! My headache was still there and progressed throughout the day but the other symptoms were gone. I had sweat the whole night before so I think that was my fever leaving me. I was still pretty tired at the end of the day. No exercise today. Bathroom results were pale but no mucous. No peas today.

Day 5 I felt pretty dang great! I ate peas in my smoothie but otherwise followed the diet. I had no headache my it's now that time of the month for me so I had some cramps. I took Kitty for a mile walk. I was feeling pretty grumpy but I made a healthy dinner and dessert, no bad decisions.

This morning everything was normal in the bathroom department! A little night sweats but I ordered 100% cotton sheets so maybe we can give that a try.

I weighed myself 3 times this week and I am staying the same. I hope I eventually lose but i have realized it's not about the scale. It's more about liking my body,  fitting in my clothes, and having a healthy relationship with food. So the scale and I might take a little break.

More to come!


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