Days 1 & 2 of the Elimination Diet

After two full days of the elimination diet I wanted to write an update. I am finding typing to be less painful on my hands than writing (which is a bit sad as I love handwriting, but alas, I am adjusting) so this blog is essentially my journal. So Day 1, started out with realizing I cannot have oats so I made a green smoothie. After blending my greens I realized I am not supposed to eat peas. So, right off the bat I started off adding something I am not supposed to. Oh well, I am not super concerned about peas but I guess they are a legume so I will be staying away from it from now on. Then at lunch I had some balsamic vinegar, which is also a no-no. No vinegar is allowed. Alright, I am still the in the learning and adjusting phase.

By the end of the day I felt fine, but I started to get a headache. That headache has continued on to today, which tells me I am most likely detoxing. I drink coffee or tea nearly every day and I did just spend 9 days drinking throughout the day. Not to mention the grains that have been in a my diet. So, I am thinking the headache is temporary while my body adjusts. I had another night sweat though last night. So, we'll see if those go away. In general though there was no bloating or gassy feeling so it's an improvement.

I had enough energy though to get in a good bout of strength training with Tyler at home and then took Kitty for a walk in the neighborhood. Today, after work, I hit up the gym and I really didn't want to do anything. I sniffed some DoTERRA peppermint oil, which helped a bit with the headache but it was still there. I told myself I just had to get to the parking lot. Then I just needed to change. Then all I had to do was walk on the treadmill. I ended up doing 45 minutes at a 3.5 mph and rolling hills incline. It was enough to work up a good sweat and really feel it in my hamstrings and calves. I am so glad I went and I will be proud of any exercise I do because I know my body is going to have to adjust to introducing exercise again after a rather light January.

I will keep posting how I feel so I can capture the changes through the experiment.


  1. Stacy, why no peas or vinegar?

  2. Stacy, why no peas or vinegar?

  3. They are on the exclusion list of the elimination diet. I think peas are not allowed because they are in the legume family. I am not sure on the vinegar though. I am just trying to follow it to a "T" so that when I start re-introducing foods I will know which bother me.


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