Changes to the Blog

Over the last couple of days I have been thinking about my health as a whole. I watched this great Ted talk (which you can see here) that really resonated with me. Dr. Lissa Rankin, talks about her personal experience of how she felt unhealthy, even though her life on paper looked pretty dang good. She talks about the multiple things that signify health, and it's not just about your body. She talks about what she coins, "your inner pilot light" which is your instinct or gut feeling that guides you; that's where it all starts. And then the other components are: work/life purpose, relationships, spirituality, creativity, sexuality, environment, money, mental health, and then, finally, the physical body. She claims that if any of the pieces are out of balance then the physical body will be too.

It got me thinking. I have been on this quest to heal and improve my physical body, but there are other parts of my life that I have not always paid as much attention to. The one that I have been thinking about most is relationships and creativity. I have a lot of great people in my life but I know we all have busy lives and sometimes spending time together can be sporadic. I love the idea of a regular monthly get together in which we do something healthy for ourselves, i.e. go for a walk or hike, have a potluck with healthy foods with their recipes, have a movie night but with documentaries or something that can educate and hopefully uplift us, or do a run/race, etc. I think it would be fun to do this with my friends and family, knowing not everyone can come every month, but there would always be a few. I think this would help keep people motivated as well as happy because we are working on creating endorphins when we get together! Thoughts? Anyone want to join me?

In terms of creativity, one of the things I am wanting to do more is blog. I enjoy writing, not only to share my life experiences with others, but also because it is therapeutic for me. I started the blog to avoid posting so much on Facebook, and I have really enjoyed being able to share stories and life happenings. I named the blog "Stacy and Tyler's Animal Kingdom" because I thought it would all be about our house and lives and each other, but I think it has really turned into that plus more. I plan to continue to write about our lives but I also feel like many of my posts are about health and the pursuit of it, from my point of view, hence the name change. I feel like Simple, Whole, and Happy are three components of my life that I strive for. 

Simple: Tyler and I are somewhat simple people. We love our house, our animals, our families, and our time is mostly spent doing things with them (or in them in regards to our home). When we create projects it's usually by using used items and are re-purposed. We aren't super fancy but take great pride in our lives.

Whole: Not only I am in the pursuit of this concept of whole health, as I mentioned before with the Ted Talk I shared, but also whole foods. My diet is 95% whole foods and it's important for me to eat that way. Processed foods don't make me feel good and I don't think people should eat them very often. So, I plan to share more recipes and easy, simple ways to incorporate more healthy, whole foods into your diet.

Happy: Who doesn't want to be happy? This is something that I feel will always be a strong pursuit in my life. Our lives are so busy that sometimes it's tough to stop and just revel in all of the simple things that make life amazing! The little things are the happy things... that end up becoming the big things. Sometimes I get too upset over what others do or say and I have to take the time to remind myself that I can only control my own self thoughts and feelings... and I choose happy.  

So that's the news. What do you think about the name change? Any thoughts on the Ted Talk by Dr Lissa Rankin?


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