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The Day After Wheat

Yesterday I introduced wheat back into my diet, which has gluten in it. I was using wheat synonymous with gluten and then I realized that gluten is also in rye, barley, cous cous, and some other grains so truly, what I ate yesterday was wheat, which contains gluten. I am thinking I will have another day that I try barley and cous cous and see if I have a reaction to those grains, which would tell me it is gluten, not wheat that is causing a reaction.

Unfortunately what I am alluding to is that I think I have had a reaction to wheat/gluten. I was fine yesterday after the sourdough bread and then I had whole wheat pasta (with broccoli, a white sauce using rice milk and nutritional yeast and seasonings, and tuna) for dinner last night. I went to bed and woke up at 3am from a dream, went to the bathroom and realized my hands were swollen and I felt "dehydrated" if that makes sense. I could not fall back asleep because my hands hurt and my head hurt a little bit. When I got up for…

Next up: Adding in Gluten and Wheat

To start, I will finish my update on soy. The night after I ate it, I did have a night sweat. I don't think there were any other negative effects that I am aware of. My skin looks the same, my digestive system appears the same, no headaches... I was pretty grumpy and anxious Monday afternoon but I also felt sort of similar on Sunday too... just sort of off. Monday was worse than Sunday but I am not really sure if it's anything I can relate to soy. I can say that I have not felt that way since Monday so, maybe there's a connection. Anyway, I do think that I am going to try to steer clear of soy for the most part. I think if I were to have edamame or tofu or tempeh when I went out to eat or something it would be okay, but I just know I might have a night sweat that night, so ya know, I need to accept the consequences. The past 3 1/2 weeks I have enjoyed rice milk instead of soy milk so I think I will continue to choose that as my alternative milk (as well as keep almond milk…

Testing Out Soy

As I mentioned yesterday, I reintroduced soy into my diet. Now, I realized I forgot to tell you how nutritional yeast (nooch) effected me when I added it to my rice. As far as I know, nothing happened! I had suspected it as the cause for night sweats, since it is high in Vitamin B, but I also put it on something, like corn or tofu. So, last week I put it on brown rice, which I had been eating during the elimination diet, and I am happy to say I did not have any night sweats!

So, back to soy... as I mentioned I had edamame and soy sauce at lunch and then tofu for dinner (everything else I ate I have eaten before on the elimination diet). There was no bloating or additional joint pain or fatigue at all that I experienced, however, last night I did sweat a little bit. Not like my "drenching the bed episodes" that I normally have but enough that the bed was  a little damp and my hair was a little wet. Now I am not quite sure what to make of it since I did have that little bit of …

The Re-Introduction Phase

I am really excited that I get to start re-introducing certain foods back into my diet! The last 3 weeks were definitely educational. The first week I truly felt awful. Detoxing sucks SO bad. After about 5 days though I started to feel really good. My head stopped hurting, digestion went back to normal, no bloating, I slept well; the only thing I have not liked is how EXHAUSTED I am by about 7pm. That may be the PsA though, not the diet. I have not had a ton of energy to work out on top of working all day but I have managed to get in a few.

The second week I discovered I was really missing sugar. Since I can't have any I gorged on raisins a couple of times. And I ate more dates than I normally do. This past week though, I have been missing legumes! I crave chickpeas and lentils! Weird how the body works, huh?

So aside from having vinegar once, and green peas in my smoothies, I have done pretty well! Oh I did have sparkling cider on Valentine's Day after our couples' massage.…

This is Going to be Random!

Hold on to your hats because this post is probably going to be all over the place! I will need to figure out a way to blog regularly during the week to avoid this...

First up, an update on my psoriatic arthritis: Remember that book I was excited to read from the library, "Everything You Need to Know about Arthritis"? Well it talked about all of the different arthritis-type diseases, one of them being lupus. It listed the symptoms, one of them being the butterfly rash. Well, while Tyler and I were in DR, I got this redness on my cheeks and nose. I chalked it up to a sunburn and did not think much of it. I still had it when I got home but figured it would go away. Some days it was darker than others and other times my face looked pretty normal. I do not normally have rosy cheeks or anything so it was new to me. So, Sunday night it was back and this time it was dark. My skin also felt sort of hardened where the red areas were. After just reading about the butterfly rash, of cour…

Morning Run & An Update on the Elimination Diet

This morning started off bright (literally as the sun is still shining!!!) and early with a run with my cousin, Danyel. We were supposed to meet over by Hawks Stadium to catch the greenbelt but I forgot and went to Veteran's Park! So, after a text from my running buddy, I remembered and drove on over. Sorry Danyel! 

We decided to do a bit more walking than running and did not care AT ALL about our pace. We started with a 3 minutes of walking, 2 minutes of jogging, which worked quite nicely. Neither of us have really been running since the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving so we are going to ease ourselves back in. We went out 15 minutes and came back. We covered 2 miles, so truly, our pace was just enough to get our heart rates up and our legs muscles a little wake up from the long winter. We decided to try to get back into a habit of Sunday morning runs. Tyler and I like to go grocery shopping on Sunday mornings so Danyel and I will be meeting up at 8 am. It means making sure I go to be…

Happy Valentine's Day & Happy Birthday, Kitty!

Growing up my mom always made a big deal over holidays. There were always sugar cookies decorated for the occasion and gifts and cards and home decorations; all the things I love and are super comforting to me. I know that some of the holidays might seem forced (or a conspiracy created by Hallmark) but I think it's sort of nice to have a regular day that is dedicated to telling the most important people in your life that you love them.

So, Valentine's planning started about 2 weeks ago, within a couple of days of being back from the honeymoon. My massage therapist, Sara Baltes, teamed up with a fellow massage therapist, to offer couples massage. Their Facebook page is 4 Hands and Couples Massage, and I would highly recommend them! I was scheduled for my own massage for tomorrow but when I saw her page I immediately snagged a spot for Tyler and me instead. I had really wanted to do a couples massage in the Dominican but they were unbelievably expensive! So this was must have bee…

Changes to the Blog

Over the last couple of days I have been thinking about my health as a whole. I watched this great Ted talk (which you can see here) that really resonated with me. Dr. Lissa Rankin, talks about her personal experience of how she felt unhealthy, even though her life on paper looked pretty dang good. She talks about the multiple things that signify health, and it's not just about your body. She talks about what she coins, "your inner pilot light" which is your instinct or gut feeling that guides you; that's where it all starts. And then the other components are: work/life purpose, relationships, spirituality, creativity, sexuality, environment, money, mental health, and then, finally, the physical body. She claims that if any of the pieces are out of balance then the physical body will be too.

It got me thinking. I have been on this quest to heal and improve my physical body, but there are other parts of my life that I have not always paid as much attention to. The one …

Our Honeymoon

Wow, this trip was honestly, the most absolutely relaxing vacation I have ever been on, which is just what Tyler and I needed. 2014 was a BUSY year for us and being able to do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted, and didn't have any real responsibilities... well it was just utter BLISS! So we will start with one of the best decisions we have ever made- Flying First Class! Oh man, it was so nice! For starters, you generally either get your own line through security, or in the case of San Francisco, you get your own security area to go through! Super fast and simple. Then the leg room, the drink before you even take off, the fact that you can have unlimited drinks (and that is ANY drink), as well as a pretty decent food (with vegetarian options), well it was well worth it. Plus the headrest is adjustable to you can bend it so your head doesn't flop around. Totally GENIUS! 
Delicious Bloody Mary
The downside to going to the Caribbean from Boise, Idaho? It is so awkward and long …