New Routines

I would not call these Resolutions but Tyler and I have identified some new routines we would like to implement moving forward.

Recently Tyler went to get a physical. He hadn't been to see a provider for a wellness visit in, well, ever, so suggested he go and get a baseline on his blood pressure and cholesterol and all that (as a nurse and a woman I realize that I probably a little more cognizant of these matters than most men). Anyhow, Tyler's numbers are looking pretty great! However, as always, he could eat a little better and move a little more so those are some of the things we are starting to work on. We already eat pretty well but we could always eat more veggies and fruit! Also, Tyler has trouble staying asleep so the PA mentioned some of these tips:

*Keep the bedroom a place for sleep and ya know, other stuff that couples do ;)
*Start a bedtime routine:
             For me, I am going to do 10 minutes of relaxing yoga before bed and keeping my phone out of the bedroom. We both are agreeing to not use our phones in bed unless texting. No surfing the net or social media.
             Together, we are planning on turning off the TV by 10pm in the living room. Then head to the bedroom to read a book for at least 10 minutes or as long as needed to feel sleepy.

Hopefully that will ensure good sleep for both of us.In addition, I am planning on doing 10 min of energizing yoga first thing in the morning before I shower.

I also joined a group sponsored by the "No Meat Athlete" when I am devoted to doing 20 minutes of running/walking and 20 minutes of blogging/journaling per day for the month of January, at least to start #writeandrun31

Also, I decided to use the Nike App to create a challenge for myself. I am planning to do my own little 5K race on February 28th so starting next week I am going to do a little training program. My goal though is to run AND walk as much as I need to. This might be indoor on the treadmill or out around my neighborhood or on the trails. All my activity from now on is going to include LISTENING TO MY BODY. I will push it when I feel like I have the strength but truly, my overall goal is just to MOVE.

So in order to stay accountable:
1/1: 2 miles on the trails in 40 minutes
1/2: Plan--> Walk/Run with Kitty for 2 miles in neighborhood, swim 30 min
1/3: Plan--> Weigh in at WW, Body Pump 60 min, Spinning 60 min, 20 min walk/run with Kitty
1/4: Plan--> 60 min yoga at home, 20 min walk/run with Kitty
1/5:  Plan--> Run/Walk 3mi on treadmill, Body Pump 60 min
1/6: Plan--> Swimming 30 min, 20 min run/walk with Kitty
1/7: Plan--> Body Pump, 20 min run/walk on treadmill
1/8: Plan--> Run/Walk 3 mi on treadmill
1/9: Plan-->Run/Walk 4 mi on treadmill, Body Pump 60 min

Every Friday I will recap the previous week and plan for the next week. My word for 2015: HEALTH


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