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29 1/2

Happy half birthday to me! Ever since I can remember I have always given a nod to my half birthday, January 21st. I know it's not really a significant thing, but something usually catches me on this day and I recognize, huh, 6 more months until I grow one year older. Sometimes it's a quick introspection into how well the year is going, other times it's a chance for me to make goals.

The year 29 is interesting. You're still in your 20's, which seems young still, but before you is the age of 30, which seems to be a defining moment of adulthood. I have heard of the "mid-life" crisis, and recently read about a "quarter life crisis" and I do definitely understand the whole concept as I think I am going through some sort of life moment/stage as I look at my life.

I was always a planner. From a young age I had a plan to go straight to college, find a husband, and be pregnant within a year of graduation. Oh man, how things change. First, it took me 5.5 …

Still Figuring Out My Vision for 2015

Remember that "New Routines" post a few weeks back? Yeah, I definitely got too goal-happy, plus sick with the FLU! Ugh! So, so much for that. I am going to get my exercise-loving groove back but we'll focus on one thing at a time. More to come on that.

2014 was one of the best years of my life, if not the very best. So many great things happened that brought me so much happiness. I would be remiss (or in denial) if I were not to say that in terms of my health, I was very lost last year. I have had moments of clarity, moments when when I felt great, but honestly, all the times I can remember my body feeling good happened between May and August, which coincidentally are the hottest months of the year.

Between December and March I started one medication, that just did not work. I started a new medication in April, which I am still on, and truthfully, I don't think I have ever felt that this medication had improved my symptoms. Fortunately, I have never experienced any s…

A Realization

I know this isn't profound or anything, but in the last couple of days I have come to realize two things.

The first one is that food and drink, essentially anything you put in your mouth. should have these 3 components: you should be eating because you are hungry, the food should taste good, and it should make your body feel better as a result. For so much of my life I have been conscious of my weight and I feel like I have always been trying some new "diet". It was Slimfast in high school, not eating much until dinner in jr high, and then college was full of not caring as much- eating meat even though it has always been hard for me to digest, drinking SO much booze, and getting munchies at the gas station to eat while I watched a move or played Sim Life.

For the past 3 years I have really focused on food tasting good and eating the right portions. I did really well for 2.5 years and the last 6 months have brought a lot more eating for the wrong reasons. I think the bing…

New Routines

I would not call these Resolutions but Tyler and I have identified some new routines we would like to implement moving forward.

Recently Tyler went to get a physical. He hadn't been to see a provider for a wellness visit in, well, ever, so suggested he go and get a baseline on his blood pressure and cholesterol and all that (as a nurse and a woman I realize that I probably a little more cognizant of these matters than most men). Anyhow, Tyler's numbers are looking pretty great! However, as always, he could eat a little better and move a little more so those are some of the things we are starting to work on. We already eat pretty well but we could always eat more veggies and fruit! Also, Tyler has trouble staying asleep so the PA mentioned some of these tips:

*Keep the bedroom a place for sleep and ya know, other stuff that couples do ;)
*Start a bedtime routine:
             For me, I am going to do 10 minutes of relaxing yoga before bed and keeping my phone out of the bedroom…

Boise Guest House

Happy 2015 everyone! I just got back from a nice little trail run/walk up Seaman's Gulch trail with Kitty, which was a great way to kick off 2015! 2 miles done, easy pace. Kitty loved it!

Boise on New Year's Day

Last night Tyler and I celebrated New Year's Eve by playing some board games and drinking with our friends, Kaz and Shelley, and Kaz's brother and boyfriend. Each of us couples rented a room at Boise Guest House, which is the sweet old house off 5th downtown. Kaz found it online and since it included a living room space and a kitchen, we thought it'd be perfect for playing games, eating some pizza, and drinking a little to bring in the new year. Also, we wanted to check out the Idaho Potato Drop, which was happening downtown on 8th and Main. The potato drop ended up being somewhat anti-climatic but it was still fun to see. We had started a game of Battlestar Galactica, then played some Cards Against Humanity while we ate dinner and then went back to Battles…