2014: A Recap

I have been thinking of a title for 2014 and have not been able to decide so I thought I would go basic and just recap the year. I had thought, well for fitness, was it the year of the half marathon or yoga love? For my career, was it the year I finished my master's? On a personal level, was it the year of our wedding? With so many babies coming into my life and all of the fun family moments and trips too, there was just too much to choose from. So let's jump right in, shall we?

The year started off with a trip to Disney Land for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon- my first ever half marathon. We made it a family affair with Danyel and I running the half and my mom, Aunt Trish, and cousin Amber running the 5K. We spent some time with my grandparents in Oxnard and then a few days at the park. It was a lovely trip and you can read more about it here

This month started with my first yoga challenge: 25 days of hot yoga in 28 days. I ended up doing 24 so I got pretty close! It was fun and I really miss it so I am thinking I might do a challenge again soon. In other news, this month Edge Brewing Co started hosting different events for investors and industry night with having their soft opening towards the end of the month. Tyler's mom, Cynthia came to town to support the soft opening and celebrate Tyler's success. It was a busy and fun month! Plus Jessica's daughter, Brynn, was born into the world! More to come in April on that when I got to meet her!
A Toast with the Gables in the Brewery

Following the yoga challenge, I wanted to celebrate my weight loss and the strength I have built over the past 2 years by doing a photo shoot. My cousin, Kayla, took some photos of me doing yoga at Eagle Park so I could see the progress I have made and get a print of my favorite pose to remind me of how far I have come. You can read more about it here. March also brought us my newest cousin, little Miss Charlotte, born to my uncle Kelly and aunt Julia in Baltimore. The 17th grandchild, born with red hair, on St. Patrick's Day. Well done, Charlotte, well done. 

This month started off with a visit to see Jessica and baby Brynn. It was a relaxing weekend that allowed me to get lots of adorable baby snuggles. It was such a nice visit chatting about babies, weddings, and adult stuff. You can read more about it here. 

Not only did I get to meet Brynn but I also got to see my cousin bring her son into the world. I had never seen a baby born and it was truly a magical experience for me and I am so grateful I was asked to be involved in such a special moment. In addition, I graduated with my Master's in Nursing Education too. This month was busy and momentous!
I would be remiss if I did not mention the unfortunate news that I got this month. My rheumatologist officially diagnosed me with Psoriatic Arthritis.  I don't want to belabor it but since it is something life-changing and a disease I deal with daily, it's worth mentioning. You can't have the good without experiencing the bad, right?

From a trip to Belize to my sister's wedding, this month was again chalk full of fun and family and SO many great memories. Belize was such an unforgettable adventure to celebrate Tyler's sister's birthday. Then at the end of the month we got to celebrate September and Jake's wedding. It was so nice to celebrate in their happiness and enjoy ourselves as well! 
 My sister got married!
You Betta Belize It!

This month I focused on a running challenge I started in May. It not only was an awesome challenge for me to keep my running up and get in some good mileage (not to mention trails and gorgeous views) it also helped Kitty lose some weight! It became a really good habit for Kitty and I running every morning. I am planning to start earlier this year and try to go through Daylight Savings. Maybe I will shoot for Daylight savings in April through Daylight savings in October. We'll see! 
My first trail race! It was a 6 mile route up at Bogus on the ski trails

There was a LOT this month; from our annual trip to Montana for the 4th, which included an incredible trip to Glacier in addition to Flathead through my 29th birthday celebration; it was a blast! In between I ran a 10K and went up in hot air balloon with my fiance. It was a fantastic month! 

Celebrations continued as we took a trip to Billings, Montana to see Tyler's cousin Jill marry her fiance Hank. When we got back we had a birthday to celebrate- Tyler turned 30! So we celebrated in proper style with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party including a pinata! At the end of the month the wedding festivities started with my bridal shower and bachelorette party

This month went by fast as we prepared for the wedding. We celebrated the September birthdays with a BBQ, we watched Boise State football in my aunts' backyard, and Danyel and I ran another half marathon-the Fit One Inaugural Half. There was a lot of slideshow prep and crafts too which kept most of my weekends full!

Genevieve came to visit, we played trivia at Edge, and we GOT MARRIED! October was so eventful and memorable and well, I already summed up that amazing day which you can read here for Part 1 and here for Part 2. 

In looking through my blog I realized there were no posts in August or November. As August had recaps that ended up in September and it was crazy-busy, it is understandable that might happen. November, however, was a lot less busy, which, really, was absolutely necessary! As you can see, 2014 was JAM PACKED with wonderful, yet plentiful events! Tyler and I have been enjoying a more slow-paced couple of months, which I think is highly deserved! However, this month brought an awesome Hallowedding for our friends, Kerry and Cory! Plus, we had a lovely Thanksgiving with friends and family, including the Turkey Trot, totally 6 races (2 halfs, 3 10Ks, and 1 5K) for 2014. 

As 2014 winds down, December never seems to be dull, is it? I love Christmas, always have, and I think it's because it gives me a chance to be with the ones I love and take a moment to think of all I have to be grateful for. There is just something magical about looking at a lit up Christmas tree, remembering past Christmases, remembering the stories and significance behind Christmas ornaments, and seeing your loved ones faces light up when they open a gift you have given them. In Tyler's case, his face lights up much more when he has made or bought you something he knows is so perfect. It's one of the things I love about him. 

My Christmas gifts from Tyler
Our Christmas tradition of taking a picture by the Christmas tree after we opened out presents 

Looking forward to 2015 I like to think about goals and plans and yes, resolutions, however, I want to focus more on not doing a few things rather than adding more to my life. My life is rather full and it might be good to unload. 
So here is what I am planning NOT to do in 2015:
1. Binging. Unless it's green vegetables
2. Setting too many goals. I want to be able to take it one day at a time

To Do in 2015:
1. Get back into the habit of tracking my food with WW
2. Detox from Social Media- I think I only want to look at Facebook once a day tops and using a computer, not my phone. 

So that's it! 2014 was the best year of my life, which means 2015- are you up to the challenge? 

Have a Safe and Happy New Year! 


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