Our Wedding! Part 2

After we were pronounced man & wife, we headed back to my parents' patio. Tyler and I soaked up the moment for literally 60 seconds before we had to move on to the next portion of the day. I knew we needed to do family photos but I wasn't sure which way to go! I ended up going back towards the side of the house with the chairs which was where most of the guests were. It was super nice to be able to say hi and hug people but I knew I was going to get stuck. I am glad though because I got to say hi to some of my family who were unable to head to the reception as well as my co-worker, Erica, who "crashed" the wedding. Due to wanting our ceremony to be small, we mostly invited only family to the ceremony. Erica lives down the street so I told her if she could swing it, I would love for her to come to the ceremony. I am so glad she got an A-day work and I got to see her! It meant a lot to me to have her attend.

From there, we headed over to do family photos. We started with my family because of sheer size and hopefully got some great shots!
 A photo Mike captured of the Harris family
A photo of the Forsch and Evans family

The groomsmen and groom sure know how to kill time!

Then we headed to Julius Kleiner park near the village to do pictures with the whole bridal party as well as some of just Tyler and me. We'll be sharing those when we get them!

From the park we headed to Edge for the reception. Kayla and Danyel came out to fix my bustle and take off my veil, making us just ever so slightly late, but I am sure everyone was just getting their drink on. 

David, our DJ, announced us and we headed in. It was so nice to see our friends and family as we walked in. I started to check out the space since I had not seen it decorated and oh.my.gosh! My aunts, Trish and Pam, along with the staff at Edge and whomever else helped get everything put together, did SUCH an amazing job! WAY better than I had even pictured it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Then Tyler, my parents, and Tyler's parents (my parents now too!) started the receiving line, which conveniently put people in line for food. It was so nice to be able to say hello to just about everyone and thank them for coming. It wasn't until I saw Aubrie that I got a good look at the cakes and they were exactly what Tyler and I wanted! Simple, yet elegant! And come to find out later, pretty good if you eat dairy and like cake! Thank you SO much Aubrie for your baking talents! 

After the line died down, Tyler and I grabbed food. Tony and staff- you out-did yourself! It looked great (thanks for improvising with the "table cloths" and the plates!) and it was delicious. Tyler and I headed to our private table, both got beers and actually got to eat food!!! I was pretty stoked since so many people told me they didn't eat at their weddings.

Next up were the toasts. Daniel, Tyler's step-dad started us off with a really sweet and funny toast. Anything with Princess Bride quotes is pretty awesome. Then my mom came up and made me lose it for a few minutes... it was such a beautiful toast and I cannot believe how lucky I got to be born to this woman, my mother. Such... wow... utter disbelief and resounding gratitude. Then my dad, Ron, came up and not only quoted more Princess Bride, but also made me cry! Even though I didn't meet Ron until I was 5 years old, he is so much more than a step-dad. He has truly become a second dad to me; no comparison to the dad I was born to; just an additional dad, making me such a fortunate daughter. Thanks for bringing this guy into my life mom. It was really special to have our parents toast us. Thank you for making this day possible and being so amazing!

Jessica took the mic after Ron and delivered an incredibly personal and moving speech. I feel like she and I have such a close bond, having lived together during some really tough and impressionable moments in our lives (hell, we were in college... a LOT of stuff happens during those 4 years!). It was so amazing to have her here with me on this day, not to mention here for me the last 11 years. Next up was Kaz, Boise's Funniest Person, which essentially means I requested he bring us home with some jokes! And boy did that guy deliver! Not only did he deliver the jokes, he also touched on some more heart felt stuff, which I know really meant a lot to Tyler (he reminisced over it in the limo on the way to the hotel!). Thanks to you both, in addition to our bridesmaids and groomsmen, for making that day so remarkable as well as all of the planning leading up to it!

Next, Tyler and I took the dance floor for our first dance. Ron and Tim learned our song, "This Year's Love" by David Gray and played it for us. That song is already beautiful but West of Ustick made it so unique and memorable for us. I thought I would get all emotional again but honestly, being in Tyler's arms, I could not have been more happy or beamed more. The room faded away again being with him.

After our first dance, we shared a dance with my dad and Tyler's mom to "Sloom" by Of Monsters and Men. It was nice to have a few minutes with Ron; I think he was the one I got to talk to the longest during that song! I have to say I felt a little guilty because I didn't get more time with my mom or siblings. Oh well, that's the way weddings go. 

Then we were off to cut the cake. Aubrie went through the trouble of making me a dairy free cake but we had already gathered everyone's attention and were ready to cut the cake. I thought someone went to get the cake and waited a few minutes but I thought, what the hell, it's one bite of cake. Tyler and did the cutting thing and fed the cake to one another. We both don't like cake so we decided not to make a big "thing" out of smashing cake in one another's faces. 

Next I gathered my single ladies to throw the bouquet. Thank you to those of you who got ready to catch! Thanks Cherie and Amber for being so pumped to catch it! Sorry I threw it so lamely!!! Haha, maybe I should have practiced. Congrats Cherie on getting to the bouquet first!

Then Tyler lined up his guys to do the garter toss. Thanks guys for being good sports! Thanks Cody for catching the garter!

After all of the "stuff" was done, West of Ustick took the stage. This was my opportunity to try to say hello to people and take in everything. The band was awesome, the slideshow turned out so great, all the people that were there made me so happy... it was glorious!

It was getting close to 9 and since the limo was picking us up at 10, I requested West of Ustick play one more song before the dance party started. Well, they played "Boise, Idaho", which is a totally awesome song that kicked off the dance party with Jessica and I dosy-dowing. Then David put on the dance mix and it was non-stop dancing from there. Thanks to my girls (friends and family) for dancing with me. It.was.awesome! I had SUCH a blast! 

My gorgeous bridesmaids- I love you three so much!

 Carey and Alison (coming from Hawaii to be here meant so much! Thanks to you and your mom for making it happen!)
 Cupid Shuffle
 Getting down to Britney... 
 Snagged a picture with Grandma before she headed out
 Miss Mello Yellow and Katie-love you girls!
 Carey, Cailin, Kelsey and me- love you guys so much!
 Josh and Mike-two handsome dudes!
My loves from high school, Melissa, Elyse, Katie, and Kristin

Then Tyler and I went and changed so we would be ready for the limo. We were gearing up to go so I asked David to play one last song. He played "Next Episode" by Dr Dre featuring Snoop Dogg and the guys jumped in too to rock out to this song! I tried to get Tyler to dance with me but he seemed confused! The next song that played was "First Day of My Life" by Bright Eyes (which is the song I walked down the aisle to) so Tyler and I started to slow dance. Then some friends jumped in and we slow danced in a circle. It was Genevieve, Cody, Mike, JC, and Tyler and I... a total jr. high reunion. It was a good moment.

 I love how he is looking at me like, "No way, I can't dance to rap music..."
This was more his style

Then we said our goodbyes, Cynthia gave me a bottle of champagne that was mostly full, and we go in the limo. Thanks to everyone for helping us get out of there, grabbing our stuff, and cleaning up! The limo driver drove us all around town since we had an hour to spend until going to the Anniversary Inn. Tyler wanted to get a drink but on a Sunday night at 1030 we knew not much was open. We decided on a bottle of champagne so Eric, our limo driver, took us to Walgreen's. We walked in and GUESS WHAT? Our song, This Year's Love, was playing overhead! What are the frickin odds?!? So I asked my husband to dance, and we slow danced in the middle of the store while the employee giggled at us. It was the cherry.on.top! We grabbed a bottle of champagne and headed to the hotel.

This could not have been a more perfect day! I am so thrilled to be married to my love, Tyler. Thank you to everyone for sharing in our happiness. We love you all! 


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