Our Wedding! Part 1

My guess is this will be a VERY long post but I am going to try to put all the details in that I remember because I want to be able to re-read this and re-live the day for years to come! This may just be done is two parts!

First off, the weather was GORGEOUS! It was in the mid-70s in the middle of October... in Idaho! After the rain from yesterday and today, I think the weather gods were smiling at us.

The day started with waking up next to my fiance. I slept alright but it really was just like the sleep before Christmas morning- I was just so excited! I got ready to head out by 7:15 am, starting the day with my mom and bridesmaids while they got their hair did. All week I have been giving letters to Tyler, which included special events since the day he proposed. It was sort of my way of documenting things like the proposal, getting the dress, and the months leading up to the big day. I wanted him to know how much I have been looking forward to becoming his wife and express how much I love him. So, I left him his 9th letter, gave him a kiss, told him I would see him at the altar, and headed out for the day.

From there my mom and I stopped at Starbucks so I could see if the tip I saw on Pinterest was correct about getting a free coffee on your wedding day. Well, Pinterest, or rather the person who posted that, was wrong!!! Oh well, my mom and I got a coffee and headed to the salon.
Drinking our coffee while Danyel goes first

Danyel got her hair placed in curlers.

 Kayla got her long hair curled and pulled back.
My mom got her hair pulled back in a twist- so pretty!

Jessica got her hair pulled back with cute braids on the side.

They all looked gorgeous! Kayla and I headed back to my parents' house to get started on my hair and do our makeup while the other 3 went to Nakedology in the mall and got their make up done.

Kayla had already practiced my hair so she was super prepared to start working on throwing product in my hair to give it some body and make it stay all day. She put big curls in my hair and pulled it back into a bun of romantic curls. I had found a piece of ribbon with lace and pearls on it to put in my hair instead of headband or tiara. I knew I wanted the veil for the ceremony only so this ribbon gave a little more interest for when the veil was taken out for the reception. Kayla then placed the veil and gave me a mirror to take a look. My hair has never looked more beautiful. She did a great job! We also had the company of my cousin, Megan, while Kayla worked, which was so nice. My dad heated up my food and got so much of the decorations put up while the ladies were out. Speaking of, the day before, my cousins and bridesmaids helped with the flowers and various decor while my uncle, dad, and cousin put up chairs- it was truly a group effort from so many of my loved ones! Thank you to all of you who helped contribute to the day before the wedding, whether it was manual labor, words, money, smiles, hugs, pictures, whatever your support was-THANK YOU!

So after hair was done, makeup and jewelry went on. Jenelle, our fantastic photographer arrived and all of a sudden it seemed really real! All the girls got there, finished with the set up, and then threw their dresses on along with their accessories, and got ready to help me into my gown. Tyler's sister, Genevieve helped corral the guys downstairs after they got dressed. My mom helped me get into my gown, which was really special to me. Then we went downstairs to do photos of me with the bridesmaids, just as the flower girls showed up. My mom started working on getting them in their dresses and curling their hair while we finished up.

From there, we decided to do the reveal with my dad. Jenelle set up so he had his back to me and I gradually sneaked up on him while she took pictures. Finally, it was time for him to turn around and see me for the first time, and I him. It was more emotional than I thought it would be and I cried for the first time that day. It was a really, really special moment and I am glad we got it captured.

Then I got to do pictures with my parents and then with my mom separately. I cannot get over how much my parents have done over the last year to make this wedding so amazing. They painted their house (thanks sis for helping too!), put up a fence (thanks bro for your help too!), bought so many flowers, cut trees, manicured the lawn... just so many things that Tyler and I are very appreciative of! Anyhow, the pictures with my mom were starting to make my cry but then my mom and I did a stare down during one the pictures and it made me laugh. Probably a good thing because she made me bawl at the reception anyway!

Then since I was still outside we decided to do one of the pictures I had requested. Tyler did not want to see me before the wedding, which I thought was lovely, but I wanted to talk to him before we met at the altar. I had thought we could stand on either side of a wall in my parents' house but Jenelle mentioned the lighting wouldn't be great. I had asked Tyler to bring one of favorite beers, an Imperial Old Rasputin from North Coast. It has a cork, which we always try to have for special occasions, so this was a MUST. Jenelle noticed my dad's shed that has farm doors on one side, where the top and bottom sections of the door open separately. She thought it would be a great photo opportunity to capture this moment. So I hid in the shed until Tyler walked by the doors, then we opened them and I had me on the inside of the doors and Tyler on the outside. We were able to share a beer, talk a little before, and just be near one another without seeing each other. My family really started to arrive then and so people were wanting to see what we were up to. It was sweet but I was hoping for a moment with just Tyler to see how he was feeling. Jenelle said the shots looked great and I felt so reassured after getting to talk to Tyler. The jitters just disappeared.

Then the guys got a chance to do their photos together while I went upstairs and waited. Jessica had my friends and family write notes of advice to me at the bridal shower that she saved for me to read right before I walked down the aisle. That was a really nice touch and was so much fun to read right before I headed down the aisle.

Everything was in place and we started the wedding at 4 o'clock on the dot (is there an award for "Most Organized Wedding" because if so, I want it!). I am hoping to see a video compilation of the whole ceremony so when that happens I will share it with you all. Let me just say, it was so perfect. From the music, to the people, to my groom... it was magical. It was like only Tyler, the officiant, and me were there. I think my favorite part was when a tear rolled down my cheek while I walked down the aisle and after Tyler and I faced one another, he let go of my hand to wipe the tear away. He's just an amazing guy.

A few pics from our friends and family:

Kayla coming down the aisle
Now it's Danyel's turn
And last but not least, it was Jessica's turn
 My mom getting the flower girls down the aisle

Addison is her tutu dress that we made. It turned out so well! There wasn't a great picture of just Bella as it was blurry. Hopefully Jenelle got one!
Then it was our turn. My parents looked so gorgeous in their formal attire. So glad I got two amazingly supportive people to present me to my groom!
First kiss as Mr & Mrs Tyler Evans!
Getting sprinkled with hops!

And then, we were hitched! I think I will write a second post to detail the rest of the day. Stay tuned...
A sneak peek from our photographer, Jenelle Sellers! 


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