The Inaugural FitOne Half Marathon

Half Marathon number 2 is officially in the books! Here's the recap:

To start, let's talk about training. I ran a 10K back in July, which I had trained really well for, even though on race day the heat slowed me down quite a bit. After the race, I have just been struggling to keep running regularly. Some weeks I ran 3 times, some weeks I ran once. I think some of it had to do with the heat and not having a gym membership. Then in August I got the membership again and still, no real regular, consistent training. I think I kind of lose my mojo. It surprised me because I started off the summer so well with my 40 days of running. Oh well, there's bound to be periods in my life where fitness just gets a little wonky. I am thinking agreeing to be the interim facilitator for a program at work, essentially adding quite a bit of work to my work day, plus planning this wedding might be the culprit!

 In addition, the day of my bridal shower my psoriatic arthritis decided to flair up and my body just hasn't felt great since. It was my first real "flair" and it has definitely not been fun. I have had periods of soreness and exhaustion, which I thought were my "flairs", which I think still are but this has been different. My right hand became swollen on the pad of my palm, along with the knuckles on the back of my hand and my first knuckles on my fingers. I would have spasms when I would open and close my hand and it was difficult to shift gears in my car, open doors, hold things, write, type... pretty much anything with my right hand. After a week of that I called my rheumatologist for some help. He prescribed a steroid for me for 6 days. It helped considerably, which was SUCH a relief! But it didn't go away entirely. I went and saw him last week and he prescribed me a lower dose of steroids for me to be on for 4 weeks and increased my methotrexate. I see him again in 8 weeks and depending on whether I have seen improvement, may or may not have another ultrasound of my hands. If there is worse inflammation (and fingers crossed no permanent damage!) I might have to go on biologic agents like humira or remicade injections. So all of that most likely has also impacted well, everything, but since this is a race recap, let's say it impacted my training just a little. Anyway, I am not feeling happy about the news but I am feeling very optimistic. I just know that looking at the bright side is going to make all the difference and I just have more motivation to keep taking great care of myself. No pity parties here.

Speaking of the bright side, back to the race! The weekend before the race, I had a bad run. Like 11 miles of what should have been running was more like 2 miles of running and the rest was walking. Everything hurt, my attitude sucked, it was hot... the complaints could go on and on. So in preparation for the 13.1 miles, I told myself I just needed to stay positive. Who cares if I walked the whole thing? Who cares if I crawled? I should be proud of everything I have done to get to where I am today and just take it one step at a time. Going into the half, I thought it would be my last. With my health news and all of the pain I had experienced in running the past couple of weeks, I thought it would only be reasonable to shorten my distances. 10k's are seriously my favorite. So, my mantra during the whole run was just the enjoy it all.

Honestly, it was the most perfect weather. Not too hot, not too cold, gorgeous sunrise and a nice breeze. Danyel and I started near the 13 mile pace and just figured whatever would be would be. I started myself at a nice, slower pace. I refused to even look at my watch. Instead, I looked at all the people, the moms and dads pushing their babes, the gal in front of me running with her dog, the people on their doorsteps in their robes with their coffee cheering us on. We ran down Capitol to Jefferson where we ran towards Warm Springs. We ran past the golf course and almost out to the Idaho Shakespeare Festival before we headed back towards downtown. I told myself, one mile at a time, don't think about how many you have left. I told myself I had to try to run to the 7 miles mark (with walking during water stations). Once I got to 7 miles I kept running until I made it to 8 miles. It was about half way through mile 8 that I started power walking. I would run the first half of the mile and power walk the second half. My energy chews and water at every station plus filling up my hand held I think helped a ton! When we combined with the 5K participants where Capitol and 9th meet, it was uphill going up to the Train depot. I decided to power walk the whole thing. I ran the straight mostly and did a short walk before going around the curve before we went down Americana. From there I ran the rest of the way. I do love that there are so many volunteers who give you high fives at the finish. I like that the DJ yells out some of the names as people finish (I got my name called out!). 

I felt really, really good when I finished. I got my medal (yeah!) and  I texted my mom to let her know where I was. I waited towards the finish line to watch Danyel finish. After we all met up we found out way to the water and food! I was really surprised at how great I felt. Sure, I was tired and my legs were feeling weak but nothing like after the Tinkerbell race. I ended up finishing 2:38:28, beating my previous time, which was 2:39:34. Even though with the Tinkerbell half I stopped to take photos, I really pushed myself in different portions of the run that I think led me to feeling really yucky towards the end. Plus, we had walked 2 whole days before the race so I was SO sore. I am proud that I started off at a nice pace so that I never really felt too exhausted. I am also proud that I really had fun the entire race. Tinkerbell was super fun in the beginning and in the end but miles 7-12 were not very much fun. 
See how much fun I had?

Will I run another? I really don't know. I want to run Robie Creek next year for sure but we will see how I am feeling. I really want to to the Sawtooth Relay as well next June. For now, that's all I am planning, again, depending on how I am feeling. I don't want to be in denial but I also don't want to give up on things I love doing. For now, I am planning to keep it to shorter distances and maybe I will swim and bike more to balance out the running. Plus I plan to keep doing yoga. I read a motto of "If you don't move, you fuse" so I think I will keep that in mind on days I am feeling sluggish!

Side note: We get married in 21 days! So in order to feel my best for the wedding I am doing my own personal challenge until the big day!
-No alcohol 
-No added sugars
-No processed wheat (essentially an anti-inflammatory diet)
-Run with Kitty every morning
-Do another forms of exercise every day (even if it's just a walk, gardening, cleaning, etc)


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