Bridal Shower

This 3 day weekend is just what I needed! A little bit of relaxation mixed with some fun parties! I am going to recap the bridal shower first since those are the photos I have. Hopefully I will get the photos from the bachelorette party soon and can share that fun as well!

Danyel, Jessica, and Kayla hosted the shower over at Danyel's house. Danyel and Joel did such a nice job of setting everything up on the patio for us girls. We were welcomed to the party right from the start:

How adorable are those signs! And then there was the food and drink:
Shut the front door! These chocolate and peanut butter vegan cupcakes were absolutely amazing! Danyel and Kayla-thank you! And thank you Addi for making me my special cupcake!
 Wine, cranberry vodka and juice for cape cods, lemonade
Hummus, dairy free cream cheese dip, fruit, veggies... I was in heaven!

We all chatted and enjoyed some drinks and one another's company. I am so grateful to all of you who came or whose who were there in spirit, you know who you are!

Jessica had a little game where we each had three mini-clothes pins and were not allowed to say bride/bridal, wedding, or shower. If we did someone could call us on it and take a pin from us. Whoever had the most pins won. Aubrie won with flying colors! It was not a game many of us were particularly good at!

Then there was a trivia game Jessica made with my help to see who knows us best. There were questions like, who got their state tattoo first, Stacy or Tyler? And you had to circle the lips for Stacy and the mustache for Tyler. Shelley won! I think she knows us pretty darn well!

Addison was very excited to play!

Danyel made sure the girls had stuff to keep them entertained. They loved the bubbles of course!
 Woot! Crayons!
Bella blowing bubbles to the babies. Danyel even put out two blankets for the little ones to sit on

Then I got spoiled with some amazing presents. Here are a few photos:
 Beers from Susie!
 Bella and Addi were helping to distribute and open

 There were some really sweet notes written in the cards
 Oh She Glows cookbook-Thanks Tina!
All of the lovely cards

And last but not least, a really awesome present:
A really sweet slideshow that my dad put together. My mom and Danyel helped with some of the photos but he added the music "Stacy's mom" and put it all together-Thanks Ronnie!

Thank you to all of the people who came and for all of the sweet words and thoughtful gifts. I am very fortunate to have you all in my life. Thanks again so much!

 I love you, mom! 
 My sister and niece-love you two to pieces!
 The ladies who made it all happen-I love you so much and cannot express how amazing that whole day was!
 My family-thank you so much for always being there for me!
 My future mommy-in-law-thank you for coming down to spend this day with me; I really appreciate it so much!
 My girlfriends-from Elementary school through Adulthood you ladies have been there! Thanks for making new memories with me!
 And because we had THE most adorable babies in the world at this party, I thought this post should end with some photos of them. Mr Paxton smiling
 His sister, Addison getting tickled by cousin, Amber
All the babies and their mommas-Paxton and Kayla, Isaac and Shelley, Brynn and Jessica


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