Flathead Lake, Montana

Four years ago I joined Tyler for a trip to Flathead Lake, Montana and I tell you-it just keeps getting better every year! Tyler's parents live in about an hour away from Flathead Lake where they have a cabin there. Tyler's grandparents have had a cabin there for about 50 years and have kept coming up there as often as possible since they bought the property. Nowadays you would have to have quite bit of money to get some land right on the lake so I know I am pretty fortunate to be able to enjoy their cabin and beach every summer. 

We got up there on Wednesday and were greeted with floaties and told to get in our suits and join Tyler's parents and sister in the lake. It was already so warm, which makes the super cold water a lot easier to handle! It was the perfect way to start our vacation. Tyler brought up 5 gallons of beer and various wines and liquor, so we were all set to drink good beverages and eat some super yummy food. 
 On the patio at the Cabin when we first arrived

After we had dinner brats with red cabbage slaw and a green salad (Daniel grilled smoked tofu for me to put on my bun), we headed down to the dock to watch the sunset.
A gorgeous sunset it was. I think it was the best one the whole week. 
We turned in early after a long drive. I still had two days left of the running challenge so I woke up early to get in a 3 mile run. 
 I found the swans that had cygnets this spring. They are hard to see but they are there on the lake
This summer there were so many wild daisies. One year when my family spent some time up at Donnelly on my grandparents' land, there were so many wild daisies, which is my favorite flower, making the property just so beautiful. The flowers in Montana reminded me of that summer, which was a nice surprise on my run. Lots of happy thoughts of grandpa as I made my way back to the cabin. 

After some breakfast and a trip to the grocery store, we made our way out on the lake for a beer tour. Armed with two growlers, we headed to the Raven to have a cocktail and then filled up our growlers with some beer from Flathead Lake Brewery. We slowly made our way back to the cabin (we didn't want to spill our beers) and stopped in the middle for a dip. Genevieve and I are just crazy enough to jump in so we did and immediately discovered the water to be way colder in the middle of the lake than it was near the dock (which is true every year but of course we had to test it). 
 Cynthia and Tyler on the boat on our way over to Big Fork
 Tyler caught me taking candids of the family
Siblings being siblings
We had a great time on our booze cruise. We headed back to enjoy some dinner, time with Tyler's grandparents, and another sunset on the dock. 

On the fourth of July I woke up for another run, deciding on 4 miles to make it 85 total for the challenge. I woke up feeling great with tons of energy. It was the perfect run to end the challenge. I even saw a deer!
It's not the best picture but she wouldn't pose for me. 
The rest of the day included a trip to the Farmer's Market and then lounging on the beach. We played ladder ball for quite a while, I spent some time on the floatie, there was a very close cribbage match of children vs parents as well as a gorgeous firework display from all of the neighbors around the lake. Tyler even took me out on the canoe to watch-it was an incredible view from the lake because we could see all around us. 
 Cynthia and Genevieve trying to open the umbrella
The Evans/Forsch family playing a cut throat game of cribbage! It was a VERY close game but the kids ended up getting the last point. 
After the fireworks I went to bed early because I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve... we were going to Glacier in the morning! See the next post on all the details of Glacier National Park. 


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