Fit for Life Run Recap

Last Saturday I ran the Fit for Life 10K with my cousin, Danyel, and my parents ran the 5K. Yay for healthy families!

2 years ago I ran the 5K and it was pretty fun because it you get to run on the shadier part of the green belt and you finish the run on the home plate at Hawks Stadium! It was a second 5K I ever ran last year and despite the heat I had a lot of fun. Last year my knee was still recovering so I wasn't unable to run. This year I wanted to run the 10K to keep me running a bit longer since I plan to run a half marathon in September!

This summer has been quite hot already and Saturday was no exception. Luckily the 10K started at 740 am so at least it was an early start. We all took a photo while the half marathoners started:

Then Danyel and I headed to the start. I started the run strong, despite the heat. The first mile went by pretty quick and found myself passing a few people and getting into a rhythm. The first water station was at about 1.5 miles in and I took a cup and walked through the water station. I felt great during all the shade but as I rounded Willow Park there was a LOT less shade for mile 3. I started to feel the heat quite a bit more so I really was trying to focus on maintaining my pace. When I started to see people running back from the turn around, which was a really good feeling. Once I got to the turn around I started to push it a bit more.

Mile 4 went pretty good but I had to run through Willow Park again. Once I passed the park I kept waiting for that water station. There was only one but since it was an out and back run we ran passed it twice. I told myself keep your pace until the water station. I got there, walked through, and savored that water. 

I knew I only had 1.5 miles left to go but I was really starting to drag. Some of the people I passed earlier started to pass me. I slowed my pace but ended up having to walk 3 times for about 30 seconds each. I looked down at my watch about half way through the last mile knowing I wasn't going to make it under my goal of an hour. My fastest 10K was Barber to Boise in 2012, which was 1:03:30 so my new goal was to beat that. As I left the green belt and started running towards the stadium, I saw my parents! I ended up giving them a high five and passing them towards the finish line. The 5K started 10 minutes after the 10K and my parents were walking together. I think it so great that they get out there every Saturday and walk together. I am so proud of them for making exercise a priority.

So as I headed to the end I walked one more time for a few seconds through the parking lot before I pushed myself to make it over the home plate. I ended up with a time of 1:02:44 so I got a new PR for the 10K! You can find my finisher photo here. 

I found a spot in the bleachers to watch my parents and Danyel finish so I could root them on. After my parents finished I asked my dad to take a picture of me to demonstrate just how sweaty I was from the heat. 
After we all finished and drank our weight in water we tried to find the post run snacks. I was SO looking forward to half a bagel and banana... and there were none! I was pretty disappointed. I have never been at a race with no food afterwards. They did offer massages as well as vendors and music but all I wanted to was food. So we went to Starbucks for a soy misto and oatmeal for me. It was no bagel but the carbs hit the spot.

For now I am 9 weeks out from the Fit One Half Marathon and I think I am going to do a 5K next month so I will have done a race June through November, with doing Barber to Boise in October and the Turkey Trot in November. Maybe we will PR next month for the 5K. My fastest 5K was at the Turkey Trot last year, which was 29:45 so I have a goal in mind! 

I know it's not the most important thing to be fast, which truly I am not a fast runner. I enjoy being competitive with myself because I know I can keep getting better and I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment I have afterward. However, I do just love running so even if I never run faster, I am just happy to be out there running! 


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