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Happy Birthday Weekend to Me!

Today is my 29th birthday and ya know what? I am really loving it! I love birthdays because they allow you the opportunity to reflect on your life. You are one year older, which truly is something to cherish rather than hide from. I hope to maintain this perspective as I continue to age because I really do believe that you should be proud to get older. I plan to live my life to the fullest and be able to look back each year and say, I am proud of all of the choices and experiences that filled up my life. Of course I also believe in quality over quantity, which is why I have chosen to take better care of myself over the last couple of years. I still indulge occasionally in alcohol, chocolate, processed foods and take a break from exercising but overall, I prefer to eat well and move my body because I just feel better as opposed to gluttony... although I do love to be lazy too! Basically I just feel SO grateful to have a birthday to celebrate!!! Anyway, end of philosophical birthday ran…

Fit for Life Run Recap

Last Saturday I ran the Fit for Life 10K with my cousin, Danyel, and my parents ran the 5K. Yay for healthy families!

2 years ago I ran the 5K and it was pretty fun because it you get to run on the shadier part of the green belt and you finish the run on the home plate at Hawks Stadium! It was a second 5K I ever ran last year and despite the heat I had a lot of fun. Last year my knee was still recovering so I wasn't unable to run. This year I wanted to run the 10K to keep me running a bit longer since I plan to run a half marathon in September!

This summer has been quite hot already and Saturday was no exception. Luckily the 10K started at 740 am so at least it was an early start. We all took a photo while the half marathoners started:

Then Danyel and I headed to the start. I started the run strong, despite the heat. The first mile went by pretty quick and found myself passing a few people and getting into a rhythm. The first water station was at about 1.5 miles in and I took a cup a…

Glacier National Park

Saturday we woke up early to get on the road to Glacier. Our goal was to be on the road by 8am and we ended leaving by 830 so I would say we didn't do too bad. We made our way along Flathead Lake heading towards Big Fork, Montana. We stopped near Hungry Horse for breakfast and had some super delicious food. They had several vegan and vegetarian options- I was impressed! And the coffee was super tasty-excellent choice Cynthia and Daniel!

Next we stopped at Glacier Distilling, where there was whiskey to be sampled. We caught them right as they opened and Tyler was able to check out their set up and try a few whiskeys. It was a first for me, other than trying the vodka at Bardenay's in Boise.

After that, we stopped on the side of the road at the Shepard Memorial Fountain, which is a pipe in the side of the mountain where you can get spring water.
 This was a funny sign because the handwritten part in the corner basically said they trust the water more being that it is not an approve…