Why I Became a Nurse & HAPPY NURSES' WEEK!

Today at one of my work meetings we were asked to go around the room to tell why we became nurses. Honestly, the practice just made me feel good. Lately different areas have been asking, what is your why? which also been invigorating, as health care as been experiences a lot of changes lately, ultimately changing the hospital and my and my coworkers daily workflows. 

So what is my why? Well, first I will start with why I became a nurse. I think I was born to be a nurse. I cannot remember ever wanting to do anything but healthcare. 

One of my earliest memories is putting band-aids on my brother after he decided to ride my bike with no shoes on. I was 4 and he was 3 and my parents had just taken my training wheels off the day before and I had rode my bike for the first time. 
On my bike with the training wheels on. Wasn't I cute?

Dusty, being the daredevil that he was, could not wait to be like his big sister and ride the bike without training wheels too! So he got up the next morning and went outside, sans shoes, and taught himself how to ride it. I went to find him and saw he had cuts all over his feet from riding with no shoes. I went and got the band-aids and put them on his owies, and remember liking taking care of him. I always wanted to take care of him, since he was born. So maybe it was because of Dusty I wanted to become a nurse. Anyway, he definitely played a part. 

This kid, I love him.

In addition I saw a home video shortly after graduating from nursing school. Dusty and I were at my grandma Ground's house and I was probably 3 so he must have been 2. We were playing and my grandma was recording and I was putting Dusty to "bed" on her couch and was telling him I was his nurse and he needed to rest. Like I said, it must have been something I was born wanting to do. It wavered a little throughout my teenage years when I thought I would be a pediatrician or a psychologist, but I always went back to nursing. My mom told me since I have such a good memory I had to go into medicine, it just seemed like a good fit. I definitely have my family to thank since they were such an important part of me choosing this rewarding career. Thanks guys!

Now to why I continue to stay. I was born at St Luke's nearly 29 years ago. Since that time I have had 7 other family members born there and others that have been there for surgery. I also have a cousin who has started working there, which I love! St Luke's Hospital was always where I wanted to work. I always saw it as the ultimate place in the Boise area to work in healthcare, maybe because I had been there so many times. St Luke's and nursing are a part of our community, the community where so many of my family members and friends live. I think it is necessary that the care that is delivered is always the best, which is why I decided to work there and why I have moved into education. Knowing that my loved ones will be well cared for is why I continue to stay in healthcare and what drives me to ensure the staff are given the latest and greatest knowledge for best practices.

If you are a nurse, what is your why? If you know a nurse, hug them, thank them, kiss, love them-this is their week! HAPPY NURSES' WEEK TO ALL YOU FANTASTIC NURSES OUT THERE!!!


  1. My why right now is why I wanted to be a mother and it definitely comes down to a conversation I had with my mom right before she passed away from cancer. She told me that having my brother and me was the single best thing she did in her life and that she thoroughly enjoyed us at every age. The fact that someone I loved and respected spoke so highly of it made me want to experience motherhood myself. I feel a deeper connection to her now that I have a daughter and nothing else I've done seems as meaningful.

  2. That is beautiful, Jess. Thank you for sharing that. I love that you had that conversation with your mom when you did. Brynn will love that she helped you feel more connected to your mom.


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