Goals and Gratitude

First, let's talk about goals. Today is the first of May and I always love new beginnings. The sun is shining and it is supposed to be 80 degrees today, which is making me very happy! Yesterday my last grade was posted for school (which is an A by the way!) so I am officially DONE with school. In 6 weeks I will get my diploma and then I think I will truly feel like it's all behind me. As it is a new month, I have a little less stress in my life, I feel ready to start setting some goals and getting into a better routine.

A few months back I wrote about a challenge per month. Truly, I am on track for what I said... which really isn't much because I did not have any specific goals. January and February were good months for meeting my challenges but March and April seriously have just slipped away. With less on my plate I really want to make the most out of this month and the reminder of the year in terms of fitness goals. I have signed up for the Fit for Life 10K on July 12th, which gives me 10 weeks so get training. I want to finish in less than 60 minutes. Based on my last 5K I think that is doable. I finished the Turkey Trot in 29:42 so I just need to get my speed back up and I know I can do it! Before now and then though, I want to set some goals. First, some training goals:

M, W, F: 80 min Hot Yoga
Tu, Thu: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This can be running (i.e. 5 min jog, sprint 30 sec, recover 90sec, repeat for 15 min, jog 5 min for cooldown), or the Jillian Michael video I have or running trails for 30 minutes or a bike ride with speed intervals.
Sat: Long run 
Sun: Rest

In addition, Kitty and I are going to walk or jog for 15 min every morning and then again every evening. As it gets warmer I think this is going to work better for her. Plus the vet said doing it twice a day will get her metabolism revved up more. 

One caveat for May will be while we are in Belize. My plan is to swim when I can as well as do yoga on the boat or beach or where ever I can. 

In June, I am going to aim to hike a trail that takes at least 60 min each Sunday. I bought a Boise hiking book and I am going to start exploring some different trails aside from just Table Rock.

My main goal here is to get back to tracking everything. I just have been way more lax than I would like to be. Also, sticking to whole foods. There are a lot of processed products that make some meals more fun (vegan cheese, whole wheat bagels) and honestly, I just don't need to eat it. Every once in a while is fine but as of late it's been more of a daily thing. I am going to try to have most of my meals include foods that do not have ingredient lists and save the other foods a more of a treat. In addition, there are a few blogs I follow that are giving up dessert for the month of May. I am going to jump on the bandwagon and do so too. The only dessert for me is going to be fruit!


This is where the gratitude comes in. I have so much to be grateful for and lately it seems I have been preoccupied with more of the negative things. When I do yoga I find the time to meditate, even if it's only for a few minutes. On other days I don't make the time. Each day I am going to spend 5 minutes listing the things I am grateful for. This can be on the blog, in my journal, out loud, or just a list I think about in my mind. 

Today I am grateful for:
Waking up to the sunshine
Kissing my fiance before going to work
Snuggling with Sheldon in the early hours of the morning
The rhythmic sound of my dog breathing while she sleeps
My home (see pics below!)
My family-can't wait to celebrate being done with school tomorrow at Barbacoa

And finally, here are the pictures of our new bedroom furniture I promised:
 New TV and Blue Ray player. Debating on putting the cord in the wall to make it look cleaner. It was a box TV on an old desk so I would say it's a vast improvement! The comforter is Kitty's bed. We are trying to see if she will sleep on it and then if so, we will get a dog bed. Right now, she sleeps on it sometimes so the jury is still out. 
 Tyler's new dresser to match the other furniture. The night stand is from before and I think we got it to match really well. The box fan is for white noise that Tyler and I require to sleep. Also, see my yoga print on the wall from a previous post? I love it!
 The bed! The sleigh bed makes me feel so fancy! And it's incredibly comfortable. Tyler was having some back pain that has now gone away! The shelves Ron made me back in high school and I stained about 10 years ago still match nicely to the furniture. We also got new bedding and I am digging the blue. 
 I used to have several peacock feathers in a vase that really, were just getting covered in dust. Tyler had the idea to put them in frames instead. I love the way it turned out. 
My old dresser that I think matches really well to the new dresser. The plan is to stain all of the old furniture to match the new a little better, plus it's been quite awhile and I think it could use it. 

There you have it- a quick tour of our new favorite room! It is another thing I am grateful for as it has definitely become more of a relaxing space to be in, which is really what a bedroom should be. 

What makes you happy and grateful? 


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