A Weekend full of celebrations!!!

Whew! This has been a crazy weekend! There has been a LOT to celebrate in my family and this weekend seemed to be the time to hang out and enjoy it all!

We started off the weekend on Friday night, celebrating my graduation from grad school! My family and I went to Barbacoa for their happy hour to take advantage of cheaper drinks and appetizers. I had never been there before and it is as cool as everyone says. We started off on the roof in the lounge bar but when Bella got there we were told she couldn't be upstairs. So we moved ourselves downstairs to their other bar, which I guess was not a problem... whatever, it all worked out. 

The drinks and appetizers were super yummy so it was an excellent choice. Also, I was spoiled with some presents from them! 

 My parents got me a Kitchen Aid mixer! I am so excited and cannot wait to use it. I am thinking I will need to make something awesome here pretty soon. Any suggestions?
 My brother got my these gorgeous earrings. I was so surprised! I told my mom I wanted to borrow her pearl earrings with a diamond as my "something borrowed" for our wedding and since I have two earring holes in my ears she suggested he get me some diamond earrings of my own since I don't have any. Thanks to you both for that!
 My mom got me this really cute paper weight, that also makes a bit of a wind chime noise too. My mom has always called me "Miss Muffet" and wanted to get me something engraved. I love it!
And here is the back. Aw, thanks mom!

Having my family with me to celebrate was just perfect. Looking forward to celebrating some more in Belize with my soon-to-be in-law family in 10 days! And then a get together with friends in about a month. Thanks everyone for your love and support!

On Saturday my mom and I hosted my sister's bridal shower at Tyler's and my house. She gets married in 27 days- cannot believe it is so soon!!! We played some games and enjoyed some drinks and food as well as one another's company. So glad we were able to celebrate September's future nuptials together. 

 Trish, Amber, Megan, Me, and September hanging out 
 Me, September, and Megan. The bride and 2 of her bridesmaids
Little Miss Bella playing with one of her mom's new presents. She is getting so good at talking and playing. She melts my heart. She started saying my name recently too and it makes me super happy!

We ended the weekend with celebrating my newest second cousin, Paxton's entrance into the world! At 9 days old he was the talk of the party; everyone wanted to talk to him. My aunt Pam hosted a "Beer and Baby Talk" shower, which was a nice change of pace. Having the guys there was fun, especially since Paxton is well on his way to being a beer connoisseur, just like his daddy. I don't have any pictures since it was just today and I was not the photographer but I am sure they turned out nice. Can't wait to see them on Facebook! I did get one though of the big sister:

I think someone had a cupcake with blue frosting!!! Addison, you are adorable! 

I hope you all had a great weekend! In addition to all of the celebrating, we had incredible weather too. I think it is finally getting warmer. I got in a run this morning, which felt so good. It happened to be raining a little, but that was just fine because it made the lilacs that are blooming all over the neighborhood smell AMAZING! There is always a silver lining! :) 


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