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You Betta Belize It

Tyler and I just got back from Belize and it was so incredible! I don't want to miss telling anything so I just going to get started from the beginning. It is  long so hopefully you have some time to read our adventures!

Day 1, May 14th: It started off early as our flight was scheduled to leave at 6am. My lovely mama picked us (Tyler, me, our friend, Emma) up at our house by 430am and got us to the airport (thank you mom!!!). We headed to Denver, then to Houston, where we picked up Tyler's mom, Cynthia who had taken a different flight from Montana. We had just enough of a layover to each some lunch and drink some margaritas (I decided to hold off until we got down to Belize before I started drinking since I am a light-weight!). I was really happy with our flights and all but we were not sitting next to each other on any legs of our trip, which was kind of annoying. Oh well, note to self about booking flights with United.

We made it down to Belize and our first mission was to g…

Why I Became a Nurse & HAPPY NURSES' WEEK!

Today at one of my work meetings we were asked to go around the room to tell why we became nurses. Honestly, the practice just made me feel good. Lately different areas have been asking, what is your why? which also been invigorating, as health care as been experiences a lot of changes lately, ultimately changing the hospital and my and my coworkers daily workflows. 

So what is my why? Well, first I will start with why I became a nurse. I think I was born to be a nurse. I cannot remember ever wanting to do anything but healthcare. 

One of my earliest memories is putting band-aids on my brother after he decided to ride my bike with no shoes on. I was 4 and he was 3 and my parents had just taken my training wheels off the day before and I had rode my bike for the first time. 
On my bike with the training wheels on. Wasn't I cute?
Dusty, being the daredevil that he was, could not wait to be like his big sister and ride the bike without training wheels too! So he got up the next morning a…

A Weekend full of celebrations!!!

Whew! This has been a crazy weekend! There has been a LOT to celebrate in my family and this weekend seemed to be the time to hang out and enjoy it all!

We started off the weekend on Friday night, celebrating my graduation from grad school! My family and I went to Barbacoa for their happy hour to take advantage of cheaper drinks and appetizers. I had never been there before and it is as cool as everyone says. We started off on the roof in the lounge bar but when Bella got there we were told she couldn't be upstairs. So we moved ourselves downstairs to their other bar, which I guess was not a problem... whatever, it all worked out. 

The drinks and appetizers were super yummy so it was an excellent choice. Also, I was spoiled with some presents from them! 

 My parents got me a Kitchen Aid mixer! I am so excited and cannot wait to use it. I am thinking I will need to make something awesome here pretty soon. Any suggestions?  My brother got my these gorgeous earrings. I was so surprised! …

Goals and Gratitude

First, let's talk about goals. Today is the first of May and I always love new beginnings. The sun is shining and it is supposed to be 80 degrees today, which is making me very happy! Yesterday my last grade was posted for school (which is an A by the way!) so I am officially DONE with school. In 6 weeks I will get my diploma and then I think I will truly feel like it's all behind me. As it is a new month, I have a little less stress in my life, I feel ready to start setting some goals and getting into a better routine.

A few months back I wrote about a challenge per month. Truly, I am on track for what I said... which really isn't much because I did not have any specific goals. January and February were good months for meeting my challenges but March and April seriously have just slipped away. With less on my plate I really want to make the most out of this month and the reminder of the year in terms of fitness goals. I have signed up for the Fit for Life 10K on Ju…