Where to Start?

Wow... these past few weeks... I can't even... wow. SO much has happened! Let's get right to it!

First off, I have officially finished my Master's in Nursing Education-yahoo!!!! I am not sure if that is enough exclamation marks but I hope you all get the drift. It doesn't feel over as I am still waiting on final grades and my diploma will not arrive for 6 weeks but I did get an email from my instructor congratulating me on being done so, I think I am in the clear-I am graduating! I am celebrating with some drinks and appetizers at Barbacoa this Friday with my family and then hoping to have a BBQ at our place come June-ish.

Next, Tyler and I have been crazy busy with home improvement stuff. That's not necessarily a new thing but we have new projects that we have completed:

 Flowers on our front step. Old broken mugs repurposed too
 More flowers in our pots. Love the keg made flower pot
 Added 3 more raised garden beds and one triangular garden box for flowers. We covered the grass and put down gravel. Now about 1/3 of our front yard is for growing food, not just watering grass. 
 Mr Sheldon Cooper keeping an eye on the chickens
 3 of our 8 chickens! They sure are getting big. We can't tell yet which ones are female but we should know soon. If there are males we may have to liberate them somewhere nearby (Operation Chicken Freedom maybe?) and if they are all females my dad might be adding a chicken coop to his garden. We shall see!
 Tyler turned his old cruiser into a bird bath. Look at that rhubarb! It's ridiculous! 
New patio furniture (the table is new to us). We are going to stain the Adirondack chairs as well as the picnic table. It will be so nice to be able to eat outside on the patio! 

Tyler just made us matching lamps to add to our bedroom. They are mason jars filled with different colors of grain. Pretty dang cool!

I already mentioned the bedroom furniture. Our whole bedroom looks so nice now! I am kind of in love. I didn't know if anyone would care if I posted pictures of that. If you want them, let me know and I will oblige :)

Tyler has been busy at Edge. Geeks Who Drink is now at Edge on Monday nights at 730 so you know where Team Meh will be! Tyler has been going to different beer events, helping to keep things running smoothly and just staying busy, which is definitely a great thing! 

Our dog, Kitty had been had been breathing really, really loudly so we decided to take her to the vet. Turns out she is just 10 lbs overweight! So Tyler and I are feeding her less dog food and adding broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots to her food. Also, Kitty and I have become better running/hiking/walking buddies. 
 Kitty and I hiked Seaman's Gulch trail last week. She loved hiking and did really well!
 It got warm so she found some shade
She was tired enough to allow me a selfie!!!

In other news, my mom celebrated her birthday last weekend along with my cousin Travis in addition to celebrating Easter. In birthday news, Mr Paxton Thomas Grant was born on Friday, April 25th. I have never seen a baby delivered and am so grateful Kayla and Jason allowed me to share this momentous occasion with them! It was an incredible experience. Kayla is seriously my hero; she has the whole natural childbirth thing down and makes it look doable (notice I did not say pain free or easy). Paxton came out super handsome, looking more like Jason this time than Kayla (since we all know Addison is Kayla's mini-me). 
 Paxton and me shortly after he was born
 Big sister Addison with little brother, Paxton
Paxton in mama's arms

Next up will be a bridal shower for my sister, September and then off to Belize to see my other sister! Things will continue to be busy so there are so many things to look forward to. Plus, less than 6 months until our wedding!!! 


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