How do you know when you're a grown-up?

Tyler and I always joke about how we're adults now. For example we just bought a brand, new bed and it's fancy, being a sleigh bed and it also supports our back and all those things that ya know, grown-ups care about. It seems like lately that whole concept of liking adult things has been happening more and more and whereas it is kind of scary, it's also kind of awesome.

I just got back from visiting Jessica, my closest friend, who lives in Vancouver, WA. Jess and I met in 8th grade (same year I met Tyler too) but didn't really become friends until our junior year in high school when we went on a choir trip to Seattle. From there we became quite a bit closer, but it wasn't until the end of our senior year when we decided to live together that we became great friends.

2002 Kent, me, Brad, Jessica, Jonathan, and Lindsay on the monorail in Seattle. 

 2003 in Disneyland on Splash Mountain. Love our faces
2004 Me, Jeannie, and Jessica in our house before heading out to the Big Easy... man, that was a long time ago

 Our first apartment together was our first time living away from our parents. We both went to Boise State University straight from high school so college was totally new to us. We made new friends, worked more hours per week than we ever had before, paid bills, partied, broke up with boyfriends, dated really for the first time in our lives... big, life changes that we got to experience together. Three of our 4 years (well mine was 5.5 years) of our undergraduate years we spent together. The other year she was in Corvallis, where she would meet her husband.

2014 Jess and I getting pedicures (Jess's first outing away from baby Brynn)

After graduation Jessica moved to live with her husband, but we have always remained close. So now, 10 years later, she just had a baby and I am 6 months away from getting married. It just hit me driving back from Vancouver this weekend that man, we really are grown-ups now. Our conversations consist of babies, wedding plans, husbands, roofing and painting the house, and a myriad of other things that we were not chatting about 10 years ago. It's comforting to be able to grow up with close friends and be able to relate to them. This is something that I have always appreciated about Jess. Even when I might be a bit slower to grow up than her, she waits, rather patiently, until I have learned whatever lesson I need to learn, and then we laugh about it. The laughing, that's the best part.

With Brynn. She is SO sweet and gorgeous

I am not sure the goal of this post other than to express my musings at growing older as well as my fond thoughts on this past weekend and my friend Jessica. I hope you all take the time to sit back and realize all your milestones. Whether it's graduating high school, learning a new skill or hobby, new family members either by marriage or birth... just all the little stuff.... as well as the big. Just make sure to take the time to enjoy it... I hope it puts a smile on your face.


  1. All that little stuff... that IS life. Hold it all precious in the moment, because the pace of the years passing will increase. df

  2. Precisely. It's so important to take the time to reflect on it.


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