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The Struggle

Find a comfortable spot, settle in, and get comfy because this is going to be a long one...

Many of you know I have been struggling lately with some health-related issues. I think it is time to talk it out because as of late, I am not super confident in my coping skills. I hope it's not too much of an over share but I am thinking it will help me get over this stage of what I think is anger. First comes denial, right? Then anger. I am hoping to move towards acceptance. Here goes...

As a little background I will just tell you I have always been a bit of a clumsy, somewhat sick kid. I broke my left arm around age 3, got scarlet fever around that time (I mean, really?), stitches at 4 and then again around age 7. I severely sprained both of my ankles at age 12, age tonsillectomy at age 15 to be followed with septoplasty at age 16. I know these aren't any diseases or conditions that are super remarkable but let's just say it was enough to not feel super graceful (I guess I am pr…

Where to Start?

Wow... these past few weeks... I can't even... wow. SO much has happened! Let's get right to it!

First off, I have officially finished my Master's in Nursing Education-yahoo!!!! I am not sure if that is enough exclamation marks but I hope you all get the drift. It doesn't feel over as I am still waiting on final grades and my diploma will not arrive for 6 weeks but I did get an email from my instructor congratulating me on being done so, I think I am in the clear-I am graduating! I am celebrating with some drinks and appetizers at Barbacoa this Friday with my family and then hoping to have a BBQ at our place come June-ish.

Next, Tyler and I have been crazy busy with home improvement stuff. That's not necessarily a new thing but we have new projects that we have completed:

 Flowers on our front step. Old broken mugs repurposed too  More flowers in our pots. Love the keg made flower pot  Added 3 more raised garden beds and one triangular garden box for flowers. We covered…

How do you know when you're a grown-up?

Tyler and I always joke about how we're adults now. For example we just bought a brand, new bed and it's fancy, being a sleigh bed and it also supports our back and all those things that ya know, grown-ups care about. It seems like lately that whole concept of liking adult things has been happening more and more and whereas it is kind of scary, it's also kind of awesome.

I just got back from visiting Jessica, my closest friend, who lives in Vancouver, WA. Jess and I met in 8th grade (same year I met Tyler too) but didn't really become friends until our junior year in high school when we went on a choir trip to Seattle. From there we became quite a bit closer, but it wasn't until the end of our senior year when we decided to live together that we became great friends.

2002 Kent, me, Brad, Jessica, Jonathan, and Lindsay on the monorail in Seattle. 
 2003 in Disneyland on Splash Mountain. Love our faces 2004 Me, Jeannie, and Jessica in our house before heading out to th…