Monthly Challenge Update

It's a new month so I thought I would update you all on my fitness plans as far as I know them :)

February: My plan for February included 25 sessions of hot yoga in 28 days. Unfortunately I ended up doing 24 sessions instead of 25. I thought about it yesterday and the reason why it ended up being 24 sessions versus 25 is because my body was tired and I decided to listen to it. Honestly, 6 hot yoga sessions a week is something to be very proud of so I do not consider this to be a disappointment at all. I feel so good about the progress I made this month, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I have also learned I do much better in the afternoon instead of in the morning so I plan to keep that in mind moving forward. My body is just very tight in the morning and it's really difficult for me to work out my muscles to be super bendy.

My cousin, Kayla, and I are going to head to Eagle Island next Sunday to do take some pictures of me doing yoga. Since I lost my weight I have been wanting to do some sort of photo shoot to commemorate my weight loss and select a nice one to hang out in my bedroom as a reminder of all of the hard work I have done in the past 2 1/2 years. I am really looking forward to this and will put up a couple of pictures when we get done!

I had planned on doing a 10K trail run today in fact, but because of my hurt foot, all of the yoga I've been doing, and this yucky weather, I have not been running lately. My plan for this month is to get back into the swing of running and try to balance yoga and running. Aside from rain, the weather has been getting so much nicer, where I actually feel drawn to wanting to put on my running shoes and just get out there! So for this month I plan to just run for pleasure, for me, and get back into a rhythm. I also want to try some trail runs too, which is something new to me.

I am still thinking about doing the Bandit Breakout of Prison 10K on April 5th. We will see how things go with running and then I will decide whether I want to sign up. I am thinking more yes than no because I love having races to look forward to!

Unfortunately there are no races that will work for me in May! We will be going to Belize during the Famous Idaho Potato race so I will just have to do something else! I am thinking that I will keep up with some trail running as well as some hiking. I really want to practice on some hills and take advantage of all the trails around the Boise area!

I think for now I am going to stop with just the next few months. I will mull some ideas over and plan the summer months. I am definitely going to try to get in another 10K some time in there.

I hope you all have a wonderful March!


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