You Are Strong Enough

Back when I was getting close to my goal weight I had a chat with my soon-to-be sister-in-law, Genevieve about what I wanted to do to reward myself once I lost all my weight. I had recently finished my tattoo on my back, which took about 2 years, was really happy with it, and wanted to show it off. She and I went to the Pin-Up Party that year at the Powerhouse and had our pictures taken by O2 Photography, which had been really fun. She came up with the idea of a Boudoir Photo-shoot, which I thought might be a good idea.

Well, I hit goal weight and never really got around to getting any photos done. After some thought I realized that a Boudoir Photo-shoot probably wasn't really my gig and I wasn't sure I wanted to display it at my house just because it made me feel a bit self-conscious having a sexy photo displayed. A few months ago I was looking at a picture I had clipped out of a magazine somewhere along my weight loss journey. It was a picture from Fitness Magazine of a fitness model is a strong, yoga pose and it said "You are strong enough" It resonated with me so I put it on my mirror in my bathroom. This picture was something that kept me motivated and inspired. I knew I wanted to be fit and strong as well as at a healthy, normal weight. I looked at this and thought, I AM strong enough. I am a runner now, I practice yoga regularly, I strength-train... why can't I be my OWN inspiration?

Kayla had recently taken our engagement photos and done such a great job so I thought, maybe she could take some pictures of me? I knew I was about to try my 25 yoga sessions in 28 days in February so I thought doing a photo shoot shortly after would be the perfect time. Yoga has given me so much more confidence, made me feel so much better, and has been a time for me to re-focus and center myself, especially with all of the stress I have had over the past 6 months. I have been practicing hot yoga for 2 years now and I have seen so much growth that I am really proud of. I know I am still improving, but that is what I love about it-I am never done. This is something I can always do, regardless of how much my joints ache and how tired I feel (more on that in a later post). So, I asked Kayla if she would take some photos of me somewhere outside. She recommended Eagle Island so we planned to get out there this past weekend.

My lovely mother has given me some money at Lululemon for Christmas and Valentine's Day so I had some money to spend there (I have never bought anything there and knew it was going to be crazy expensive). I went ahead and treated myself to a new yoga top and pants and made a plan to pick my favorite photo to put on canvas to hang up in my room. Here are some of the photos!

 Bow Pose or Dancer Pose it one of my favorites. I really love this photo but unfortunately it does not show any of my peacock tattoo. Definitely one I am proud of though.
 Kayla asked me if I could do the splits and I really thought I couldn't. It's not something I have been working on specifically and honestly, the last time I did the splits was probably 15 years ago. I decided to go ahead and try and.... I can! I was totally shocked! I love surprising myself!
 This pose, called floor bow, is another one I love. Even though I have back pain and hip pain from time to time, this is a pose I know helps stretch those areas and it feels so good to work those areas out.
This last photo was the one I decided to choose. Here are the reasons: 1. It shows my tattoo, although not as well as I would like but it does still show the feathers, which is my favorite part. 2. I distinctly remember it took me 6 months to be able to do wheel from bridge pose. I do not have a lot of upper body strength and when I could do wheel pose, I was over the moon happy! I went home that day and told Tyler and I remember feeling so proud. 3. Lifting up my leg in wheel pose is something I attempted one time in class but was not able to do. The fact that I could do it this day tells me I am a fighter, I am consistent, and I WILL continue to get stronger, because I am strong enough. I even pointed my toe! Is it perfect? No! My arms could have been closer to my head and my right foot could have been up on the toes but I love the imperfection of it. It is called Yoga Practice for a reason and I plan to keep practicing.

Have a great week everyone! Spring is coming in 4 days!!!


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