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You Are Strong Enough

Back when I was getting close to my goal weight I had a chat with my soon-to-be sister-in-law, Genevieve about what I wanted to do to reward myself once I lost all my weight. I had recently finished my tattoo on my back, which took about 2 years, was really happy with it, and wanted to show it off. She and I went to the Pin-Up Party that year at the Powerhouse and had our pictures taken by O2 Photography, which had been really fun. She came up with the idea of a Boudoir Photo-shoot, which I thought might be a good idea.

Well, I hit goal weight and never really got around to getting any photos done. After some thought I realized that a Boudoir Photo-shoot probably wasn't really my gig and I wasn't sure I wanted to display it at my house just because it made me feel a bit self-conscious having a sexy photo displayed. A few months ago I was looking at a picture I had clipped out of a magazine somewhere along my weight loss journey. It was a picture from Fitness Magazine of a fitn…


Tyler and I LOVE bananas. We get 3 bunches at a time normally. Generally we rarely have any get to that perfect "ripe" state because we eat them too fast. Somehow those the last bunches we got either turned on us quicker than normal or we decided not to eat like monkeys... not sure but we ended up with two bunches of bananas that were just asking to be baked!
As you all know Tyler and I have been pretty busy these last couple of months so on Sunday, once we saw the weather was super rainy, we decided to stay in all day. I took the chance to do some baking... and never got out of my pj's! It's the little things, people!
So I baked and here is what I came up with: I started with some Quinoa Brownie pancakes. I looked to Chocolate-covered Katie's page for inspiration.  I didn't have spelt flour so I chose to use some quinoa flour that I got awhile back and have not used. I also have some carob powder that I needed to try to I threw some of that in too. While I…

Monthly Challenge Update

It's a new month so I thought I would update you all on my fitness plans as far as I know them :)

February: My plan for February included 25 sessions of hot yoga in 28 days. Unfortunately I ended up doing 24 sessions instead of 25. I thought about it yesterday and the reason why it ended up being 24 sessions versus 25 is because my body was tired and I decided to listen to it. Honestly, 6 hot yoga sessions a week is something to be very proud of so I do not consider this to be a disappointment at all. I feel so good about the progress I made this month, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I have also learned I do much better in the afternoon instead of in the morning so I plan to keep that in mind moving forward. My body is just very tight in the morning and it's really difficult for me to work out my muscles to be super bendy.

My cousin, Kayla, and I are going to head to Eagle Island next Sunday to do take some pictures of me doing yoga. Since I lost my weight I have been w…