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Edge Brewing with an update on my niece

Edge brewery has now been open for about 3 weeks and things have been going really well! The beer is awesome, the food is super tasty, and the place is just great. I am so proud of all of the hard work Tyler has put into opening Edge. The place is completely different from when it was purchased and just looks amazing. Mad props to Marcus, Kerry, Ryan, and Tony and all of the staff who have made it such a success. Oh and Liberation distributing too for getting Edge out into the market.   Kerry and Kaz at Vendor night  My parents at Investor night 
Deep fried pickles... totally amazing!  Odelay Vienna lager....mmmmm they're beer is so good 

Thank you to everyone who has supported Edge. I have been so happy to see many of my friends checking it out and showing their support. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I hope you continue to come back. And when Edge is in stores to purchase I will let you all know!!!

School has been going well and I am done in 9 weeks! Honestly the last couple of wee…

Thoughts of Grandpa

Now I want my family to know I am not intending to make anyone cry... but it could happen if you continue to read this post.

Next month marks the 2 year anniversary since my Grandpa Harris passed away. He was such an incredible man and I miss him often.

The morning I found out he passed, I immediately started to cry... as I laid there sobbing I thought of how important he was and how devastating his passing was to me and everyone who knew and loved him.

After about 15 minutes of crying I realized I had a couple of choices: I could continue to cry until I felt ready to go over to my grandma's where my family was gathering, I could get up right then and go over and cry with everyone else, or I could stop crying and put my sadness into a run. I decided to get up, put on my running shoes, and hit the pavement at 6:45am, in the darkness and chilly weather, and run through my pain.

I had only been running for a couple of months but I had started to make improvements. I had been running a…