One challenge per month

Look at me blogging 2 weeks in a row! I know I skipped a week but hey-improvement! That's what I am aiming for :)

One thing I decided to do for this year is focus on one exercise-related challenge per month. I think this will help keep me motivated, feeling good, and is not too difficult a goal with all of the other things I got going on! So here's what I am thinking for the first 6 months of 2014:

Half Marathon-Done!

25 hot yoga sessions in 28 days

Les Boise 10K Trail Run

Prison Break Out 10K 

Camel's Back Duathlon OR Famous Idaho Potato 10K OR Barking Spider Bash (depending if it is in May or April) OR High Desert Trails Run. Unfortunately all but the Idaho Potato Race do not have details for 2014 yet so I will just sit tight on my plans.

Hike a different trail every weekend

Overnight backpacking trip

I think this will give me a good start. It's getting me pumped just thinking about it! My February challenge starts on Saturday and I am stoked for this one. During this doom and gloom, yucky weather, all I want to do is be warm. I think hot yoga will help me accomplish that :)


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