I love squash. Squashy, squash, squash. Here is goes down, down into my belly

Oh man, I am excited for the next Anchorman! We had some gorgeous squash from Brown Box Organics so I decided to get roasty with it... Oh man, I am cheesy, just roll with it.

 Here was the bounty. I roasted all of it and then got to cooking!
The acorn and butternut squash got blended in the food processor into a puree 
Gorgeous, eh?

Then I put it in a crock pot roughly using this recipe for soup.  It was delicious! Then I added cashew cream, making it even better!
Next I took the pumpkin and turned it into a puree to make the above pumpkin bread loaf. I used the recipe from the Better Homes and Garden cookbook Tyler has from around the 70s, which is serious the best cookbook ever. I just veganized it by using Earth Balance instead of butter. I used egg substitute as well.
Mmmmm.... steam was rising from this slice 
Add a little bit of earth balance and for real, nothing better. Except maybe adding some pumpkin butter... yeah going to have to do that.  
And finally, the pumpkin cheesecake I made for Thanksgiving. I used canned pumpkin but still, I had to highlight it as this is my squash post. Plus it was good. Try it out!  


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