Hot Yoga and Cold Runs

 Lately my routine has consisted of Hot Yoga and running outside. I am LOVING it! The Hot Yoga with the cozy heat and then the stillness of the cold has offered a lovely contrast over the past few weeks. Letting go of the strength training has been really nice for me. I miss some of the tightness I was starting to see in my abs but other than that, I am feeling much better. After my half-marathon I plan to go back to including strength training but for now, I just want to run and stretch... my body loves it!

Speaking of running, Danyel and I went for a 8 mile run yesterday, with minimal pain! Of course there was your typical soreness but nothing major. We are trying some intervals: running for 2:30 and then walking for 30 secs. I think that helps so we are not putting so much strain on our joints. However, less than a minute in to the run my left ankle gave way, and I ended up falling on my left knee(see pic below) and elbow, and slightly scraped my right knee too. I am not sure what the hell happened as it happened so fast! Sort of worries me because it has never happened before and I started thinking things like Myasthenia Gravis which just freaks me out a bit. Lately my hands have randomly been going numb too (aside from the Raynaud's). So I am going to be monitoring these symptoms and if they continue (I always worry that I am a hypochondriac so I don't want to over-react) I will head back to my rheumatologist. Anywho, I hope you all had a glorious Thanksgiving and got some exercise in. Happy December!!!
 Yowza! By the way, I ran 8 miles with this bloody thing, which definitely elevates me to bad-ass status :)


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