2013 Recap

On New Year's Eve in 2012, right after the countdown, Tyler whispered in my ear that 2013 was going to be our year. I think he may have been right in so many ways. This past year has been such a good year and I wanted to reflect on everything that has happened to us.

All the way back in January I started training for a sprint triathlon and kept plugging away at school. Tyler continued to work at HomeBrewStuff and continue his passion for making beer, nearly every weekend with my dad. I also found out that my diet change resulted in lower cholesterol and overall better health, those details can be found here.

February brought Tyler and me to Bend with our friends Kaz and Shelley, which was such an awesome time. I am thinking Tyler and I will need to do that again as I get the blues usually February/March time and a little trip seems to help quite a bit.

March brought more training for the sprint triathlon as well as I got a job at Weight Watchers. Speaking of, I have recently decided to take a leave of absence from WW for a couple of months to try to help reign in my stress and handle my work/life balance a little better. I will finish school in April so I am hoping this pause will be just what I need to get re-energized for the future. But that is talking about 2014 and I want to focus on 2013 :)

April brought the sprint triathlon that I had been training for and I have to say that is one of my favorite races to date. It was such fun and I was so unbelievably proud of myself after that race. I also went to Disneyland to present at the WIN conference and had a wonderful time doing it. It was a really awesome point in my career as well as an awesome time with Tyler. I also finished WW training and became a leader. April was a busy, but great month.

May brought some realizations my way. How far I had come in my health journey as well as my fitness, which unfortunately included a knee injury preventing me from running my first half marathon. Even though it was a bit deflating, I realized there are other activities that I love, including yoga and strength training. I also got to following some food blogs as well as some fitness blogs and people on instagram, fueling me with more motivation.

June was a magical month in which I got engaged to the most wonderful man. It was definitely the highlight of this past year! He and I began talking about investing in the brewery, Edge, which he has been working on since August. When he said it was going to be a big year, he was not kidding! :)

July I turned 28, which was good. It was not a very eventful birthday but that was exactly what I wanted. I spent it with Tyler, and we ate pie, and it was wonderful. We also ate sushi... I like food...

August was spent gardening, cooking, hanging out with my niece, being with my animals, and enjoying the remainder of summer. Tyler turned 29 and also started working at Edge. Life had just started to get busy. I also did the Dirty Dash for the second time, feeling much stronger, even though my knee was still healing. I also started dress shopping and Tyler and I took our engagement photos in a hop field before harvest. I also asked my bridesmaids to be by my side at the big day.

September was filled of getting back into running as well as trying out a virtual trainer, to help me gain some muscle and get rid of some body fat. My niece also turned one, which was adorable. School began to get more intense so I stopped receptioning at Weight Watchers. We also roofed our house, with the help of Genevieve, who visited us that month. It was challenging but it felt good to work on our house.

October brought the first race I was able to run, the Barber to Boise 10K, which I was able to run just 1 minute shy of my time last year. It also brought cooler weather and leaves changing, which helped Tyler and I to see what our wedding day will look like next year.

November led to me starting to get in touch with all of my craziness and stress, leading me to try to be more mindful. I think it has helped me to be able to prioritize and deal with all of the balls I have been trying to juggle. Jessica visited and we got to go to So You Think You Can Dance as well as talk a lot and eat good food. Jessica and Kayla have such cute bellies... We got to enjoy Thanksgiving and a visit from Tyler's parents. Again, good company and good food :)

And last December just passed and it has been a roller coaster of a month. It started good with just having a very relaxing thanksgiving and visit. As the month went on school became a bit more hectic, but then ended for the semester (thank goodness!), St Luke's has been changing thus leading to stress at work, and Edge is getting closer to opening (hello more stress!) and Christmas and family and, well, you guessed it, stress! I have the most supportive group of friends, family, and counselor, which is all helping tremendously as long as I don't get too stuck in my own head. Overall it has been a good month, just very busy. I decided to take the week of Christmas off from everything and have truly tried to just do as close to nothing as possible. It has been nice. My health has been changing lately in regards to autoimmune stuff, which has me trying to keep the stress down even more. New medications being added to my life have left me feeling less than great. Tired a lot, some pain, nausea... just trying to take it one day at a time.

This year has brought so much happiness as well as new challenges. For 2014 my main goal is to keep my optimism and keep positive people and positive stressors in my life. I do not have room for negativity, and that includes in my own head. I also want to remember to remain present... with Jessica's baby, Kayla's baby, Julia's baby all on the way, my first half marathon at Disneyland, as well as my graduation from graduate school, Tyler turning 30, and our wedding all coming up in 2014, I want to enjoy it all without feeling overwhelmed.

So here's to 2014; may it be your best year yet!!!


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